West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


Kae1crafts has started a new blanket. She named it “Wizard of Oz” and knit the first section in green for the Emerald City. It is to be a regular worsted weight blanket. Suggestions for knitting include, but are not limited to:

Dorothy’s ruby slippers - ruby or red
Tin Man - gray
Cowardly Lion - brown or beige
Munchkin - blue
and Yellow Brick Road.

We will need 5 more knitters and a border patrol.

Signups are open. Please indicate your choice of character and color for this blanket.


Would love to knit on this wonderfully themed blanket! I’ll take the munchkin section.


We have Cowardly Lion and Yellow Brick Road left + border.


I’ll be happy to knit the Cowardly Lion section…that should be a fun blanket.



Ladies if you check this site out and look at the basketball picture, you will see me in the lower right hand corner knitting away on Pumpkin Patch! This was originally spotted by the men’s basketball coach at the university and passed on to my husband, who passed it on to me. Thought it might make you smile! (www.newmanjets.com) :aww:


How about the Yellow Brick Road?


It’s great to see the picture and happy to see you can multi-task!


Apparently my iPhoto library is full so I can’t transfer the picture of Candy Land to the computer and hence flickr then here. So I’ll work on that and if I can before it gets its border I’ll post it.

Blue Hawaii was sent to mspwrz in Wichita Falls: 0496 9001 2840 3610 7361
Candy Land was sent to kae1crafts in CO Springs: 0496 9001 2840 3610 7378

Looking forward to seeing the next step of these fabulous blankets!


Does that mean you would prefer me to do Yellow Brick Road? That’s fine with me. I’m not picky…I just like to work on the pretty blankets!


Yes, please.


No problem…Yellow Brick Road it is!


I received Rose Petals in the mail and it is a lovely blanket…so far the colors and stitches are really nice. Zack thanks for the pen…you are right…I probably can’t appreciate the significance of it, but I know just the gamer that will be able to appreciate it and it will be a pleasure to gift it to him.


Cool! :thumbsup:


[B]New Blanket[/B]

I’m starting a new blanket for us. It will be a regular worsted weight size. I’m naming it Mardi Gras and using a purple to start the first section. My vision is to use Mardi Gras bead colors to complete this one. We need five knitters and a border patrol. Sign-ups are open!

1 - purlingkitten
2 - open
3 - open
4 - open
5 - open
6 - open
border patrol - open


Grape Vine is on its way to kae1crafts!
Confirmation #0496 9007 0180 2320 5358


I would love to take a spot!


WOW…Grapevine is amazing. Thanks for posting a picture :woot:


I agree - hoping I can create a border to continue in its’ awesomeness!


Sign me up for Mardi Gras pretty please. I have SOOOOO much worsted yarn I need to use up!!


I’ve added you to the list.