West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


I love the blankets that are one color scheme with different shades. There may be a better way to word this, in fact, I’m sure there probably is, but I (along with my 2 kids) have been fighting a nasty cold all week and between the actual illness and the meds…I’m not thinking right. On a related note, I haven’t started my section of Blue Hawaii yet…didn’t want to contaminate it!!!


Mossy Delight is gorgeous!

Nice Job everyone


I’ve been off and on the computer for the last few weeks…it’s been nice to catch up on the lovely blankets that are being created. If there are any new blankets that still need knitters, feel free to sign me up. I miss the little packages arriving! :heart:



I just mailed two blankets to Purlngkitten - Baby Blue Boy and Mossy Delights with delivery confirmation number 9405 5036 9930 9412 13

They were beautiful little blankets:thumbsup: and a lovely to work on.:cheering:

Hugs:hug: :hug: and happy stitching,:knitting:



I would like to make a [U]challenge[/U] to all the Oddball Blanket groups.

[B]Use my design ideas to knit two blankets for your group.[/B]

[B]Blanket 1: “GENIUS” :cool: [/B]
[B]Black, White, and Red[/B]

[B]Blanket 2: “SUPERHERO” :star: [/B]
[B]Comic Book Colors[/B]

I think it will be interesting to see what each group does with this!
I will make a new blog, showing the progress of the blankets. Be sure to post photos, which I can use to highlight the work for your regions!

When the blankets are complete, I will send an additional blanket (knit by me) to your region, for you to donate in your area. So, everyone will be a winner! :slight_smile:


What a fun idea!
I think the West Coast group is up for the challenge.


I’ve accepted Shandeh’s challenge for us to knit 2 blankets with the following design ideas:

“Genius” - Black, White and Red

“Superhero” - Comic Book Colors

If we follow our usual procedure, we will need 6 knitters and a border patrol for each blanket. Does anyone have suggestions or ideas?

Who wants to join in one or both of these blankets?


I will take a spot on one. I don’t know if anyone is good at knitting designs, but I think it would be fun to put a superman “S”, batman symbol, etc in the comic book one!! (I can’t do that…but was hoping some of you all could).


Please put me on a spot for Genius. This sounds fun!


I’d like a spot on Superhero…and I’ll gladly take a spot on Genius if needed. But I want to give others a chance to sign up…



Yay! Thank you all for joining!

Can’t wait to see your blankets. :slight_smile:


I will take one of the border patrols, it doesn’t matter which blanket. I have found that I enjoy the break from knitting to do some crocheting. It’s also fun to see all of the hard work that everyone has done working on these beautiful little blankets.


I thought I had volunteered to knit on some of the new blankets, but I just checked the blog and don’t see myself on any of them. So I’d be happy to work on Blue Hawaii, Rose Petals and Beach Party if there’s still room on them. I can knit on any that need knitters…I just love to get the blankey packages in the mail!!! :muah:



The ones listed are all filled.
We do have spots on Superhero and Genius. I had added you to these two blankets that are almost ready to start their journeys.


No problem…I’m happy to be on those 2



I am in LOVE with Blue Hawaii!! I feel bad because I’ve been trying all day to perfectly capture the colors and texture but it’s just not working. I hope that a knitter later down the line will get the perfect picture to share with those of you that won’t get to see this beautiful blanket in person. Purlingkitten is checking to see if the next knitter is ready for it and I’ll get in the mail as soon as I hear back.

Blue Hawaii by bailchri, on Flickr


I’m posting this for my daughter, Rachel (aka Knit2tunes). She finished her section of Pumpkin Patch II and is ready for me to send it on to the next knitter.


Is there a button to link to the blog or this group forum that I can add to my blog? I’d love to be able to do that to “advertise” the group and show people what I do. If there isn’t one, is there anyone in the group that knows how to create such a thing?



Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but the button in my signature is one that was designed by auburnchick when the West Coast group first started. It’s the same button that’s above the blanket list on the blog. Or you can refer to this post.


I mailed Genius yesterday to yarncharmer. The first section is red and I used the hurdle stitch to complete my part.