West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


Grape Vine is on its way to Ohio and Baby Sparkler is headed to Texas for its border by the border patrol…no not [I]that[/I] border patrol, OUR group border patrol :rofl: Okay, maybe I was the only one who thought that was funny.

Anyway, I can’t locate the confirmation numbers right now, probably hiding in my car still so I’ll get those if needed. Also, I took pictures with my fabulous new camera that I got for Christmas, but I still haven’t uploaded so we may have pictures posted by the next knitters before I get around to it…sorry gang.


Sign me up for Spring Fling and/or Blue Hawaii!


[B][I]Mossy Delight[/I][/B] was sent to Sandy # 307 3330 0001 8779 1387

[B][I]Rose Petals[/I][/B] was sent to Crystal # 0307 3330 0001 8779 1394


[B][I]Spring Fling[/I][/B] is on its way to California

Confirmation # 0307 3330 0001 2172 5904


Baby Sparkler arrived safely in the mail today. Thanks! I’ll be working on the border tonight at work.


Sweet Pea and Pumpkin Patch II arrived yesterday :woot: Thanks, ladies!


Baby Sparkler is finished and ready to be sent to Janet. I was so excited to get it finished so quickly that I forgot to take a picture of it before I put it into the envelope. OPPS! Sorry!


Just wanted to share my pictures that I finally got uploaded.

Grape Vine:

Baby Sparkler (sorry for poor lighting):


I miss the ‘funny’:teehee: button that we have on Ravelry. Glad you are so pleased to have it ready and I’m sure it is great. all the blankets have been lovely.

Hugs:hug: and happy stitching,


Spring Fling arrived yesterday!

Nancy - Thanks for the chocolates and the cotton yarn…I have just the project for it and just the appetite for the goodies :teehee:

I do have a question, the bag specified “floral colors light green” (something like that…I have the blanket at home) Are we shooting for pastels, all greens, or what. I don’t want to mess up the plan since I’m the second one up.

Thanks for the help



Hi Everyone,

I received Baby Blueboy from Shana today - thanks for the Raspberry dark chocolate bar - my fav!:muah: I’ll add the border to the blanket and send it off to Purlingkitten.

I’ll add a picture once it is finished - if I can sort out my picture editing program - we are having a serious issue at the moment and it won’t load! :((( I can take the pics just can’t get them to flickr the way I want.

Hugs :hug: and happy stitching:knitting: ,



mailed out Pumpkin Patch I to Kae in Colorado this afternoon. The confirmation # 0310 0480 0001 4075 1561


Thanks. :happydance: I’ll let you know when it arrives.

Hugs:hug: and happy stitching,:knitting:



My idea was to make this a blanket that reflects Spring - greens, or any colors of flowers (pink, yellow, lavender, etc.) Does that make sense?


Spring Fling is on it’s way to Hawaii…lucky blanket. It should be a cheerful blanket when it is done. I was bad and forgot to weave in the ends before I packed it up…so could someone down the line take care of that for me? Thanks



I just received an email that Mary Maxim is having an online sale $1.69 for a 3 ounce skein for four days only. Lots of colors available.

This might be a good opportunity to stock up.


I’ve received Pumpkin Patch 1 and am adding my section:knitting: and then will send off for a border.

Also received Mossy Delight from SandyCrochet along with row counter, needle gauge and fun patterns. Thanks. :happydance: Both blankets are lovely :heart: and will take pictures before they travel again.

Hugs :hug: and happy stitching,:knitting:



I feel so bad because I haven’t been able to get Baby Sparkler in the mail to Jan. I will try to mail it as soon as I can, things have been really crazy busy here the past couple of weeks. It is finished I just need to mail it.


[B][I]Blue Hawaii[/I][/B] arrived in today’s mail.

Becky, thanks for the skein of yarn. :muah:


Hi Everyone,

I took a picture of Pumpkin Patch I before it is sent along for a border. This is such a bright cheery blanket.

Hugs :hug: and happy stitching :knitting: everyone,


I mailed this blanket to SandyCrochet today with delivery confirmation 0309 2880 0001 6170 3055