West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


WOW, corn maze and falling colors look AMAZING!!! Wonderful job everyone. Kae, your borders are so pretty that it makes me a little concerned about the plain border I did for Key Lime Pie. All I did was a double crochet to make it look like the pie crust.


And what better type of crust (border) should a pie have than what you are describing. Sounds perfect to me. :thumbsup:

Some of my borders are plain because that is what the blanket needs and some are fun such as the popcorn one on corn maze. I just try to make the whole thing come together as you did.

Hugs:hug: and eager to see the picture of Key Lime.

Kae :knitting:


I finally got yarn for Baby Sparkler so it will be ready to send in the next couple of days to its border patrol (is that what someone thought we should call those of you that add borders??). Anyway, I also got my yarn for Grape Vine. If I can get the address for the next knitter for that one, I’ll send it within a few days as well.



[B][I]Confetti[/I][/B] is now ready for its border.

I had no idea how difficult it would be to find an appropriate yarn for this blanket. I had hoped to end it with a dark blue, but sadly, I could only find a flecked white yarn.


We have several new blankets started for us to begin the new year!

hularac started a regular worsted weight blanket. She has named it “Blue Hawaii” .

pinnut3200 has started 2 blankets - “Rose Petals” with a color scheme of cream, pink and mauves and “Spring Fling” with green and floral colors.

Each of these blankets requires 5 more knitters and a border person.

Signups are open!


[U]May I present two new blankets:
[B][I]Rose Petals

[B][I]Spring Fling


I love :heart: how Confetti is turning out and think that your section is great. :thumbsup: Love the stitch you used as well.

Your two new blankets are great.

Hugs :hug: and happy stitching, :knitting:



Mossy Delight is on its way to pinnut.
Confirmation # 0496 9007 0180 2319 9893

Happy New Year, ladies!!


Hi Everyone,

I managed to get both Tranquility and Falling Colors borders completed and have pictures in the flickr pool and will play with seeing if I can insert them here.


Falling Colors and Tranquility are beautiful blankets. Great job mspwrz, mamapaulsel, krismorales, hularac, bailchri, pinnut and kae1crafts.


[B][I]Mossy Delight[/I][/B] is ready for someone to add the final section.


We have several open slots on blankets recently started by hularac and pinnut.

[B]Blue Hawaii [/B]knitters include hularac and bpeatknits. We need 4 more and a border patrol.

[B]Spring Fling [/B]knitters are pinnut, hularac, ozuri and border-kae1crafts. Need 3 more knitters.

[B]Rose Petals[/B] knitters: pinnut, glowyone, hularac, and ozuri. Need 2 more + border patrol.


I offered to do Blue Hawaii and Spring Fling over on Ravelry awhile back.



Must have missed you before. I’ve added you to both of them.


Hey, that’s okay…I for one don’t know how you keep all of us straight! Especially when there is more than one place to find us!


I’d love to do the borders for Blue Hawaii and Rose Petals if those spots have not been filled yet.


I’ve added you to the border on Rose Petals.


Blanket Signup!

There is 1 spot remaining on Blue Hawaii for a knitter.

Also, 1 spot remaining for knitter on Spring Fling.

Rose Petals needs 2 knitters.


I’ll knit a section on Blue Hawaii if it is still open.


You are already on the list for this one.