West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


I am so amazed at all the pretty blankets that everyone is busy working on. Great job to all! I am going to have to take a break from the Odd Ball Baby Blankets for the next year. On August 14th I begin working on my Masters in Education~Curriculum and Inclusion/Special Education. I have been wanting to go back and get my Masters for the last 17 years and decided that now was the best time to go for it. Thanks for letting me be a part of such a wonderful group. I’ll keep checking in to see what your all working on and keep up the wonderful knitting. :muah:


Wishing you the best in fulfilling your desire for Master Degree.

We’ll miss you, keep in touch.


[B]New Blanket - Nature[/B]

suehling has been working on a new blanket. It is regular worsted weight in a variegated yarn wiath browns, blue and gray. She has named this one “Nature”. We need five more knitters and a border patrol.

Signups are open.


Go Brenda! :thumbsup:


Veggie Tales is almost complete, just about half an inch before I can send it along.

Please sign me up for Nature!


I’ve added you to the list for Nature and am checking with the next knitter on Veggie Tales.


[B][I]Moody Blues[/I][/B] is growing.

It is ready for the next knitter.


OK Veggie Tales is ready to move. Picture soon to come!


Congratulations, Brenda! All the best in your academic endeavors :slight_smile: Please let us know how things go!


[B]New Blanket[/B]

Dimpledapple has started [B]Summer Days[/B] for us to work on. It is a regular worsted weight blanket. We need five more knitters and a border patrol.

Signups are open.


I’ve lost track of the new blankets that have been started and which might still need knitters, but I’m available to knit on 2 or 3 blankets if there are openings…


I’ll add you to Summer Days. It still has openings.

Also, will check on Iris for you.


I don’t want to be a blanket hog, but I would love to knit on Summer Days if there is still a need for knitters.

Also, Veggie Tales is one its way. I didn’t get a picture before I sent it along though.

I’m so excited about doing all these regular worsted weight blankets. It’s putting a little dent in my stash of yarn, FINALLY!


[B]New Blanket[/B]

Bailchri has started a regular worsted weight blanket for our group to work on. She has named it [B]Citrus Burst[/B]. She would like this one to be boy friendly with colors of lemon, lime and oranges.

Signups are open.


Summer Days is filled but there is a new blanket called Citrus Burst that needs knitters. Would you be interested in this one?


Yes ma’am! :smiley: Sign me up!


I just started a new discussion where we can post patterns for crochet borders for our oddball blankets! :slight_smile:


Wow…it’s been really quiet here lately. Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been going gangbusters on some neat projects, but I miss my oddball blanket encounters. I’ve lost track on what’s out there and what I’ve signed up for. Is there someplace I can check in with the current blankets? Is there a need for some new start up blankets?

Happily knitting away :knitting:



Hi Kris, :muah:

Most of the chatter is in the Ravelry group. I’m not sure if there are any blanket openings or not but you could ask Purlingkitten. Hopefully here is a link to the Western Region Oddball Blankethttp://www.ravelry.com/groups/western-regions-oddball-baby-blankets group.

Hugs, :hug:

Kae :knitting:


[B]New Blankets[/B]

sandycrochet started a regular, worsted weight blanket for us to work on. She named it [B]Pink Petunia[/B] and started with 120 stitches. She wanted it a little larger than usual. We need 5 more knitters and a border patrol.

Also, wyogg, SheriH and pinnut have been working on a preemie blanket [B]Just Ducky[/B]. We need 2 more knitters and a border patrol.

Please join in. Sign-ups are open for these blankets.