West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


Oh, I just inquired over on Ravelry about the 2 challenge blankets…so happy they are still moving. Looking forward to seeing those pictures when you get it all figured out!


I’m loving how the blankets are coming along! ESPECIALLY the Super Hero and Genius ones. cloud9


[B][I]Genius[/I][/B] is ready for its border.


Beautiful! :inlove:


This is Superheros before the border but I know everyone is anxious to see this beautiful blanket. Great job everyone. :yay: Now I’m off to ponder a border fit for a superhero.

Hugs and great stitching everyone,:knitting:



How AWESOME is that?!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

My boys would have LOVED that blanket when they were little.
:heart: cloud9 :heart:


[B]New Blanket[/B]

Veggie Tales, a regular weight worsted blanket, has been started by pinnut. She has selected characters and the color scheme for each one.

French Peas - light green (pinnut)
Jerry the Gourd - yellow
Pa Grape - medium purple
Bob the Tomato - medium red
Laura the Carrot - orange
Larry the Cucumber - medium green

Signups are open for this fun blanket. Please indicate your choice of character.


[B][I]Alma Mater[/I][/B] is ready for the next knitter.

I think this is the first photo to be posted of this blanket.


Here is the start of Veggie Tales


Nice! I love Veggie Tales. :heart:

I have some exciting news, my West Coast friends!
My sister has invited me to visit her in California this summer!!
I’m not sure of the exact date yet, but I’ll be sure to tell you as soon as I find out.

She lives near San Diego. So, if any of you are in that area, let me know. Maybe we can set up a time to get together at a coffee shop or something, and have a knit-together while I’m there.


[B][I]Genius[/I][/B] has been mailed to TX

Confirmation # 0307 3330 0001 8781 0484


I would love to do the yellow for Veggie Tales. I have more yellow than I know what to do with!!! Also, I just wanted to make sure that Lucky Charm made it??? :-S


Yes, Lucky Charm made it to suehling.

Since yellow is next up on Veggie Tales, may I have it sent to you?


Yes please! :slight_smile: You have the address in Sacramento, right? And phew I’m glad Lucky Charm arrived safely. A little nervous sending it from Ramstein!


[B][I]Flowers[/I][/B] arrived today. Kris’ first section is a brilliant yellow for daffodils. I am adding a bright pink for geraniums.

Kris, thank you for the adorable pen: it’s perfect for my knitting bag.



Ramstein? Are you stationed in Germany?


[B][I]Veggie Tales[/I][/B] is on its way to Sarah in CA

Confirmation # 0307 3330 0001 8781 0453


My mom is. I was visiting her for a month. :slight_smile: I’m back in the States now.


[B][I]Flowers[/I][/B] is ready for the next knitter

First section - daffodils
Second section - geraniums


Two blankets were mailed today:

[B][I]Alma Mater[/I][/B] – confirmation # 0307 3330 0001 8781 0460

[B][I]Flowers[/I][/B] – confirmation # 0307 3330 0001 8781 0477