West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


Yes, Lucky Charm was mailed yesterday. Hope you receive it before you leave!


Lucky Charm arrived today, just in time!!!


I just returned home to find three blankets in my mail: [B][I]Cinco deMayo, Mardi Gras[/I][/B], and [B][I]Flower Garden[/I][/B]. They will keep me busy for a bit. I’ll post photos when I finish.

Susan, thank you for the darling note cards.



I’ve completed the borders on two blankets and have posted them to Purlingkitten. Leprechaun

And Beach Party

Hugs,:hug: happy stitching :knitting: and thanks:cheering: for letting me work the borders on these two pretty blankets.



Great job, as always.

I love the photos you take of the completed blankets: the black background shows them off so well. By any chance is photography a profession or hobby of yours?



Thanks for the compliment.

Photography isn’t an actual hobby of mine - in fact, I’m infamous for cutting off people’s heads when I take photos! LOL.

I happened on the black background when I was shooting pictures for my eBay and Etsy shops when I had them. The black seemed to make most items ‘pop’ in the photos.

Thanks for thinking the photos are good. I do enjoy showing off all of the awesome work that this group does on the blankets.

Hugs :hug: and happy stitching,:knitting:



[B][I]Grandmother’s Flower Garden[/I][/B] is ready for the next knitter.


[B][I]Mardi Gras[/I][/B] is ready for the next knitter.

The first section is a gorgeous deep purple, but it didn’t photograph well.


[B][I]Cinco deMayo[/I][/B] is ready for the next knitter.


I received the completed blankets, Leprechaun and Beach Party in the mail on Thursday. Thanks, Kae, for the notepads. They have already been put to use.


Flower Garden – 0307 3330 0001 8781 0415 (Shana)

Mardi Gras & Cinco de Mayo – 0307 3330 0001 8781 0422 (Kris)


Oh, I love Beach Party! So bright and colorful! :cheering:


[B]New Blanket - Moody Blues[/B]

I’ve started a new blanket for us to work on. It will be regular worsted weight and requires five more knitters and a border patrol.

Signups are open!


Oh, I love that band! There is a streaming “Moody Blues” concert on Netflix right now. I’ve already watched it twice. So fun!


I’m done with my section and am happy to send this lovely blanket along!


Lucky Charm is done and ready to move on to the next knitter. :smiley:


Pretty colors in another wonderful blanket!


[B]New Blanket[/B]

Krismorales has started [B]Flowers[/B], a new worsted weight blanket. She has used yellow to represent daffodils.

Looking for 5 more knitters and a border patrol.

Signup for some fun knitting!


Sign me up for Flowers please!


Well, this may sound like I have been a blanket hog, but that’s really not true…it just worked out this way. But anyhoo…Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Superheros and Genius are on the road to their next spot. I have pictures to post, but haven’t been able to get it to work for me the last 2 days…any tips? I’ll keep trying, but I’m glad our blankets are still traveling around,…even during the summer months.