West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


Thanks, but someone else has alaready volunteered.


Thanks for the update.

Mamapaulsel, would you post a photo of Rose Petals with its border for us?


I’m sorry but I never took a picture of the complete blanket. Hopefully Janet can post one when she gets the blanket in the mail.


[B]New Blanket[/B]

Cheryl1973 is starting a new regular worsted weight blanket. She has named it “Cinco de Mayo” and would like to see it done in bright colors.

Signups are open for 5 more knitters and a border patrol.


Sign me up for Cinco De Mayo! Ole! :smiley:


Oh no! This thread seems dead… :frowning: How’s everything going ladies? Any blanket updates?


I’m not sure that this thread is dead but most of us are on Ravelry and not too chatty there either. I’ve found that these two threads stay quiet for a while and then chatter, chatter, chatter and then back to quiet.

I don’t currently have any blankets and am not sure of the status of those that are making the rounds.

Hugs:hug: and have a great day.



[B]New Blanket[/B]

hularac has started a preemie blanket for us. She has named this one “Grandma’s Flower Garden”.

We need 4 more knitters and a border patrol.

Signups are open!


[B][I]Beach Party[/I][/B] is ready for the next knitter. Grab your sunglasses, this one is bright!


I received Wizard of Oz to apply the border. Thanks, Kris, for the lovely knitting cards.


[B][I]Beach Party [/I][/B]is on its way to Tonya

Confirmation # 0307 3330 0001 8779 1639


Mardi Gras arrived in the mail yesterday. Super fun! Thank you for the notepad!! :smiley:


I have started 2 new blankets for us to work on. I’ve chosen a spring theme for both of them. They will be regular worsted weight and require 5 more knitters and a border patrol.

#1 - Iris

#2 - Alma Mater 9 (think your school colors)

Also, Cinco de Mayo needs 2 more knitters. So are cheryl1973, ladylou, stisdale, pinnut and sandycrochet have volunteered to knit on this one.

Signups are open for alll of these!


I’d be happy to knit on Cinco de Mayo and Iris…both sound like lovely colors


I’ve added you to both of them.


Cinco De Mayo has arrived in the mail. I’ll be getting started on that very soon. In the meantime, I just finished my section of Mardi Gras. Here it is!


Cinco de Mayo is starting to look a little Jamaican… :-/ Hopefully someone can revive the Mexican-ness! Here it is nonetheless!


Maybe a bright blue or more red for the next section…:slight_smile:


The Mexian Flag is Red White and Medium Green if that helps.




Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras are both are on their way to Nancy. Sorry there’s no gift. It’s been a busy week! Was Lucky Charm sent yet?? If not, don’t send it! I’m leaving soon and probably won’t receive it in time!