We're moving!

I wasn’t going to post this until the ink was dry, but I am reasonably sure (knock on wood) that this deal is NOT going to fall through and I’m just so excited I have let everyone know . . . . we’re moving!!! :woohoo: :cheering: :yay: My DD, DS, BF and I have been making due in a 2 bedroom duplex and it has been FRUSTRATING!!! :hair: It was frustrating before my DD moved out last year, but since then my BF has moved in and now she has moved back with aaaaalllllllll her accoutrements - including a new cat! My living room looks like it has exploded!!! So we began looking for a 3 bedroom house (rental not owning). The first thing I noticed is that Wow!!! the rents have certainly come down!! When I rented my duplex we had no choice but to settle on the smaller place in a “adjacent” neighborhood which has been getting steadily worse since I’ve gotten here (anyone who knows the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley can attest to the downward slide it has been taking). When I looked for 3 bedroom houses last year they were $1000 to $1500 more than I am currently paying, but NOW!!! Let me tell you, the house we found is perfect. it’s only $300 more than my current rent and since the addition of my BF I can certainly swing that. Its a 3 bedroom on a private road on top of a hill in a gated community with a sparkling pool. Its near a wildlife preserve so we can have the “not in the city” feeling. Its just beyond what I could ever have imagined living in. I am so excited!!! We move April 1st!!! :cheering:

My internet connection hiccuped and my post got posted twice. Can some kind admin please delete the other post :teehee:

Congrats! :cheering: I hope the move goes smoothly!

That’s fabulous! Yay for you! :yay: