We're moving! Anyone live near Poughkeepsie, NY?

OMG! We’re actually going to take the plunge. Oy.

We currently live in the NE, so we’re not moving all that far, but far enough that it’ll involve a moving truck and hassles I’m not ready for but that [I]is[/I] what happens when you move. We were hoping to move to IL to be closer to our families but my DH decided against that job and was offered a new area from where he currently works (NY) but it’s further away and his commute would be 1.5 hours - one way. :zombie: So we’re going to take the plunge and move closer to his new office.

I thought I saw that someone on these wonderful boards was either from Poughkeepsie or nearby and I was wondering if you or anyone from that area could help me with a few towns we’ve picked to start looking for an apartment. We just want to know what to avoid, what is good, great, cost (approximately) and so forth.

Can anyone help? :muah:

OMG! I get to go to that Fiber festival this fall in Rhinebeck!! Woohoo! :cheering:

ME! ME! I live in Pleasant Valley, right outside of Poughkeepsie and I work in the Town of Poughkeepsie!

Anything you need, let me know!:thumbsup:

Oh Yea!! Thank you thank you!! Silly me forgot to list the cities we were thinking of looking for places to live. Here they are:

Hyde Park
Wappingers Falls
New Hamburg

His new office is right off of Rt. 9, just south of Peekskill, he currently drives 50 miles one way now, yuck, so we’d love it if he could get something in the half hour-ish range, but he’s willing to drive a bit further to make our dollars stretch.

Of course whatever you can tell us will be extremely helpful. I also was wondering if you could tell us the names of any newspapers out there? That way we can look them up online and try and find a place that way too. We just don’t want to waste our time looking into a city that has a high crime rate and what not. DH looked up on citydata.com the crime rates and such and oy vey, Poughkeepsie is up there! So we would like to avoid those neighborhoods if we could. :teehee: Of course we realize not every neighborhood is terrible, most people wouldn’t live where we are now, but our neighborhood is perfect, no crimes whatsoever, yet. :teehee:

Thank you Ingrid for any help you can give us. :muah:

The local paper is the Poughkeepsie Journal, and they do have an on-line site, so you can start there.

You want to avoid the City of Poughkeepsie. There are nice neighborhoods in some sections, but generally I’d avoid it. The town of Poughkeepsie is a little better in some areas, but it depends on the proximity to the city. It’s in no way a [I]big [/I]city as cities go, but there is a gang component and druggie areas.

Arlington is really just a small section of the Town of Pok. When someone refers to “the Arlington section,” it’s really just a small commercial area. Actually, Vassar College is a big part of the Arlington section.
The Arlington School District, however, is pretty large and is considered across the state as an excellent district, and I wholeheartedly agree with that.
Hyde Park is also a nice area, with, of course, some depressed areas, but it is more of a town, no real city. Good schools, too.
Home of Roosevelt and the Culinary Institute of America; just north of Marist College.
Beacon is more like the City of Pok. I’d avoid the City part, though there are some outer areas that are nice.
Wappingers, Fishkill, New Hamburg are all ok, too. Wappingers is large, with a great deal of commercial area in addition to the neighborhoods. Fishkill is kind of expensive because of the large IBM population.
Peekskill is south of here, so the Wappingers, Fishkill, even Carmel areas might be closer. Hopewell Junction and East Fishkill are also towns in the area that are good to look. LaGrange is another town–more rural. I’m not sure about apartments in LaGrange. With the economy being what it is, there may be houses for rent there. Pleasant Valley, where I live, is very nice, and they do have a few apartment complexes in the area that look really good.
The problem is, though, that the farther south you go from Dutchess County, the closer you get to NYC, which means you’re competing with NYC commuters.
You could also check across the river for less expensive housing–Highland is nice from what I hear, but I’d avoid Newburgh.
So that’s an overview, and if you’re in need of anything more specific, let me know. I can also look in the paper for names of local Rental Agents, though I suppose they’re available online, as well.

We also have two very good hospitals in the area, Vassar Brothers and St. Francis.
Anything else, just ask!