We're getting some Moderators!

That’s right, ladies and gents! I’m working on getting us some Moderators for this forum!

KellyK gets full credit for the (Brilliant!!) idea. She contacted me this weekend and said, “Don’t you want some help with managing nearly 800 members? You need some moderators, Hun’!

Help?.. …um… YES! :figureditout: Thank you KellyK! You’re an angel!!!

What will the moderators do? I’m not 100% sure yet, but I know they’ll help make sure Q’s get answered, and new members get welcomed, which will be a GREAT help to me and to all of us! And they’ll also take care of the numerous subtle things that folks might not even notice, but that are so helpful for keeping this forum going smoothly.

I’ve approached several members already. So far everyone I’ve asked to moderate has said Yes! …WOW. What can I say, you all are an amazing group. :heart:
[color=violet]Stay tuned for the official introduction of the new KH Moderators!.. [/color]

Amy…no kudos needed here. I happen to know that SEVERAL people knew you could use (and DESERVED) some extra support around here!

You need KnittingHelp HELP! :wink:

I am looking forward to being able to give a little bit back for all of the wisdom, hints, tips and friendship I receive here! :notworthy:

omgosh…you were doing this ALONE??? I am on a message board like this with like 30 people and we have about 10 mods…lol…

GREAT IDEA!!! Good job KellyK for offering!!!

NOOOO! :fingerwag: I dont want credit!

[size=2](I mean, thanks and all, but…) :heart: [/size]

soooo…k…how bout…thanks for getting the ball rolling??? better??? :thumbsup:

Thanks, Heather… MUAH! :blush:

Great IDEA… I’ve been on smaller boards than this with 5 times the admins (Mods and higher)

I’ll even throw my hat into the ring here… I am part of the phpBB and SMF programming communities… so if you ever need programming help… to add a feature, to fix a feature or do anything… don’t hesitate to email me! :slight_smile:

I’ll do whatever is needed to help you out.


Amy, I’d be glad to be your smilie mod. :roflhard:

hey while we are volunteerin’ i will be happy to be the one that don’ know nuttin’!

gotta go with yer strengths ya know! :lol:

Brenda…you are just TOO cute! :rofling:

Fantastic idea KK :smiley:

Julie, you already are my smilies mod. :mrgreen: If only there weren’t a limit to how many smilies folks can stand to choose from. I think I’ve already surpassed it. :blush: LOL

Brenda, you’re too cute. :lol:

Dave, thanks for the offer! Actually, you’re right on time, I have a PHPbb Q for you. I’ll email you! Thanks!

:happydance: Thanks everyone!

I’m an admin on this website: javaranch.com. We’re about to reach our 100,000 th registered user!!

Typically these are the responsibilities of our moderators:
1- move threads to the appropriate forum – like moving “how-to” questions from the general knitting forum to the how-to forum. Or moving non-Java threads to our “Meaningless Drivel” forum.
2- delete inappropriate threads or innapropriate replies – we have a “Be nice” rule on javaranch.com, and sometimes people just arent. We have a “trash can” forum where we move not-nice threads and not-nice replies. That way we can keep a copy of them, rather than just deleting them totally from the system. Only admins can get in the Trash Can forum.
3- delete or move advertisement threads – we have a “blatant advertising” forum where people can advertise their companies, books or products – rather than spamming the rest of our forums with those kind of things.
4- enforce our naming policy. – we try to keep a professional kind of image on javaranch… despite the big one-eyed moose on top of the page. So we require people to use their real names (or real-sounding names) rather than stuff like “javaking84”.
5- do your best to answer stuff. – just cause you’re the moderator of a forum doesn’t mean you have to answer all the threads in the forum, but you typically try to at least post something to those folks who didn’t get any replies – maybe point them to another resource?
6- plot world domination. – we’ve got a “moderator’s only” forum where all of us mod’s can get together and discuss stuff about the site. Tell eachother to watch out for particular bad-characters, etc etc etc. oh yeah… and we plot how we’ll take over the world too :slight_smile:

moderators vs admins – we’ve got a pretty big website, so we have both moderators and admins (we call them bartenders and sheriffs to keep them all in the ranch theme). Moderators are responsible for a single forum. They can add/delete/move threads in only that fourm. Admins can add/delete/move threads in any forum, they can also create new forums, as well as modify/disable user’s accounts.
– we get new moderators every so often, current moderators nominate people they’ve been impressed with around the JavaRanch. --moderators are promoted to admins by the owner of the website. Usually when we get new moderators, we change which forums people are responsible for.

So that’s the general idea behind the admins / moderators on JavaRanch – hopefully that gives you an idea of some of the things you may / may not want to do on knittingHelp.com!

:cheering: :cheering: thank you, kellyk for the suggestion!! I, in no way, shape or form knew that Amy was doing this alone!! Amy…I must design a tshirt for u in some form of super amy, knitter, forum header upper, trouble shooter, official welcomer of new members…and the hits keep rolling!!lol…all kidding aside :notworthy: thank you for all that you do! On a more personal note…thank u for all that u have done for me!! I’m a phone call, email, pm, whatever away if i can be of service!. Just in my short period of time here I’ve seen growth…the sky’s certainly the limit when u get help. Girl…u are :XX: :angelgrin: (knitter-angel) extraordinaire, if I must say so myself!!
Thanks very, very much for all that u do around here…it does NOT go unappreciated. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

WOOHOO!! I’m all excited! :wink:

Goodness Amy! I’m glad it was suggested…I had no idea you were doing this on your own. Let me know if you need anything!

:blush: Well honestly it’s not been too much to do, largely because so many people already contribute, answering Q’s, etc.! :thumbsup: But as KellyK pointed out, this site is growing very fast. We haven’t been around that long! …

Tomorrow’s our 6 month anniversary, in fact! :balloons:

So, who knows where we’ll be a year from now! I feel relieved to be getting some good structure in place to help us through future growth.

Jessica, thanks SO MUCH for that helpful list of moderator duties. That’ll be useful for us, I’m sure. And congrats on being a part of such a thriving forum, that sounds like an exciting place!


Cool beans. Today, the knitters of America… tomorrow THE WORLD!!! (insert Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss here)

:balloons: happy anniversary :balloons: