Went to my LYS yesterday

I totally went into there with the idea of getting the Noro yarn for the Booga Bag, but totally fell in love with another yarn.

It’s MANOS del URUGUAY in color 106. Check here and go down to yuM106 click the link.

It is a striated yarn, absolutely gorgeous. I will try to get a pic of it for you…well, needless to say, I decided on a different bag then a Booga…I just couldn’t leave it there, my insides were crying out to take it home.

So I did.

I am making a simple tall felted tote that my LYS lady gave me the pattern for.

When I get a bit more done, I will post a pic. So far I LOVE THe yarn!


OOOoooooohhhhhh! Those colors! PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY!

You cant make the booga bag pattern with this stuff?

Thanks so much for your post…I had been looking for a wool that was variegated and the colors are just lovely…I am going to felt a bag as well…but not sure of the pattern yet… and the yarn source that you sited is in my home state.
I look forward to seeing you project.

yes, yes, yes, but I REALLY like the booga pattern in the Noro color it shows…

I want a “tote” type of bag so that I can take my WIPs with me in a more stylish type of bag than a plastic shopping bag! :slight_smile:

Also this will be my first Felt project and I thought a simple tote would be better for me…for some reason I am intimidated by felting, big urge but even bigger nerves!

I can’t say enough how nice this yarn is…if only it was cheaper! I would buy more! It was 14.95 a skein! Yikes! For me anyway! I have been knitting with the more common, readily available stuff in Michaels or Rag Shop…this is my first branch out to “REALLY NICE YARN!”

I am definitely going to become a Knit Picks buyer though, but I hate waiting for deliveries! That’s my only drawback. I guess I’ll have to order something from Knit Picks while I am knitting this tote up, so that I am not so anxious! Yea, right…just knowing something is coming will do me in!

Thanks Louine, it is sooooo nice! I really like it “so far” !

There were so many nice colors, but I could only afford the one I got, although I bought 5 skeins…yikes, my CC was burning!

Let me know what color you pick up!

I’ll post a pic when I get more onto the needles!

I’m working with Prairie right now. It’s the variegated/dark browns shade. I love the yarn. My scarf will be gorgeous! I’m a little worried about the reminder of “DRY CLEAN ONLY” on the website. I think it would make an interesting felting project, but at nearly $15/skein (I only bought two), I think it’s better reserved for projects that show off the yarn itself. I think you’ll be happy with it.

Ya know a few years ago when I first boguht Manos it was only $11 or $12 a skein. Still ouch but interesting how inflation works with wool as well.

The sheep must be mutating over time to make it harder to shear them. I have an image in my head of sheep gamboling in South American meadows with plates of armor like Armadillos clanking together as they frolic! :lol: I should go take a nap. And maybe a sedative…

ooo i love that yarn! love the fall colors… I winder if it is a comparably priced alternative? The noro is 50 grams and 100 meters, and the manos is 100grams and 125ish meters… so twice as thick, but only 25% longer… and twice as much as kureyon on this site… I don’t have the math skills to figure any further than that :??

Wow that is so beautiful!! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Oh man, they ship international…ok…gotta resist temptation to order some! Have no moolah!

I love that yarn too! I have seen it in my LYS, but haven’t been able to choke down the price yet! :slight_smile: Maybe when I get better.

In the meantime, I am dying some pretty cool stuff that looks similar to Manos in some ways.