Went to my 1st knitting group!

Yay! :woohoo: I was so excited to go to this group. I found them on meetup.com. I was nervous that I was trying to invade a close “knit” group, so to speak. :oo: Not at all. I seemed to fit in right away. :mrgreen: It was in Albuquerque. I live in Rio Rancho, so it was a 45 minute drive. :ick: But guess what, I met another Rio Rancho person. Funny, huh? I thought so.:chair: Ages and skill level ranged all over the place. It was nice. We just talked and knit and talked and knit. :knitting: I finally got to knit and hold a conversation without someone asking me where my rocking chair was. :wall: I couldn’t believe how quickly 2 hours went by! :teehee: Can’t wait for the next one. cloud9

How often do they meet? :knitting: Sounds like a lot of fun!

They meet every Saturday. From what I can tell, the times vary, but the day is always the same. They have actually only been meeting for a few months. And only a few have been going every week. And there are some signed up with the meetup.com group, but have never been to a live meeting. I would prefer Saturday evenings, but the afternoons are ok, too. They’ve been meeting at a Page1 book store, but everyone’s agreed that an outdoor spot will be nice for the coming warmer weather. :mrgreen:

Yay how fun! It’s so wonderful that you were able to find a group you feel at home with. Thanks for the tip about meetup.com!

YAH - glad you found a knitting group. I loved my knitting group (although most have children my age) and have missed it so much since my LYS closed. I checked meetup.com, but it looks like the group has a membership fee ??? It meets at a local coffee shop so not sure why the fee - guess I could go ask, but I get really nervous about walking into new situations like that and nobody else I know knits.

It is so nice to meet people with the same interests and hobbies. Glad you fit into the group so well.

Val, I’m not 100% on this, but I think the fee comes from the fee the person who started up the meet-up with meetup.com had to pay. I know the person who started our group had to pay and charged everyone at the first meeting. Since I am coming in at the 4th meeting she didn’t ask for money. I think they have to pay meetup.com every 3 or 4 months at a time. Our group is thinking about skipping meetup.com all together and sending out direct emails to each member to take that cost away. I don’t know if that’s the situation for the group you were looking at.

That’s cool you found a group! A membership fee though?? :??

I started out meeting a few people I met through the Knitter’s Review forums (connect with knitter’s in your area section) and we met at a local Starbucks. We have since moved to our LYS and meet on Friday evenings.

I started a knitting group here in my town as well. Just a bunch of close friends that knit or just started or want to learn.

We have our first meeting this Friday and every Friday after that. We will change houses every week.

I have been bringing my finished projects to work, and now one of my co workers brings her knitting to work for me to teach her. :rofl:

All the other co workers laughed their bags off (mostly guys) that I was knitting as I tend to be a bit rough on the edges, until they see the touques I have made and now they all want one in their favorite colors…

Ginger, very cool, but what’s a touque? I might want one.:teehee:

A toque is what us Canucks call a hat. Maybe it is to sound warmer for our cold weather… :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: