Went to LYS ~ Was not too impressed~(LONG)

AFter reading multiple posters experiences of going to their LYS~ both good and bad… I finally decided I would give it a try… :pout: My knitting instructor ( the 1st time) :eyebrow: said she loved this particular LYS. So I remembered the name and decided to go today~ :pout:

AFter driving across town with the help of my mother I found the store. On the phone they were friendly and helpful and gave us directions. I walked in the store ~ quite small ~ and there were several ladies knitting. The older lady (one of the workers) and the younger lady (coworker) were both at the table working. The younger lady spoke to me and asked me if I needed help. She was ok… not super-friendly but ok… She answered my questions about different types of yarn to knit with for summer… The older lady continued with her lessons ~ she ended up speaking nicely to me later~ :shrug: Anyhoo to make a looooooong story short… I went to the store for 2 reasons:

  1. I had bought yarn online and wanted to ask them to wind it for me( I offered to pay for it to be wound)
  2. I wanted to see what was so “nice” about more expensive yarns.

they looked at my yarn I brought and politely told me no. They told me how to wind it on the back of chair… ok :wall: .I had tried several times without much luck ( I fully admit that sometimes I just can’t get"it" sometimes :wall: I felt several of the yarns up :eyebrow: and I liked some of them and decided on 4 skeins from the “clearance” bin and 2 skeins from the not-on-sale bin. The younger lady working offered to take my yarn to the back to be wound and I said ok. I was by the door looking at the not-on-sale yarn and i heard the other clerk ( in the backroom) saying " I thought we said we werent’ going to wind the clearance yarn". I was a little offended… I’m sorry I thought if I BOUGHT it in your store… you would wind it like you do everybody elses~
I then picked up the not on sale yarn and took it to her in the back and said… you don’t have to worry these aren’t on sale…
I went up to the front and looked around at the needles and buttons. She came up later and was working on a shawl and it was pretty. I asked her another question and she answered and said your yarn is wound. I said I 'm still looking around ( she seemed :happydance: about that~!)
anyhoo.She tried to show me how to buy some something that I could just weave the yarn through ( suggestive selling I guess) I ended up buying some buttons…
I just kind felt like they were a little snobby and that if I didn’t spend X amount of dollars I wasn’t good enough for their time.
At the end of it they said ’ Please come back"… I 'll think about it.
I asked my mom about it later ( she was there too) and I asked her did she think they were a little snotty… and she said yes.~! :eyebrow:

I’ll just chalk it up to experience… I will every so often go fondle their yarns, see what I like and buy it online~!!

Thanks for letting me vent

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

My first - and only one so far - experience with an LYS was similar. Really nice store, nice selection (although very pricey).

I made a passing comment about some notions I’d bought online and the manager overheard it. She spent one hour, very loudly pointing out how much of a terrible person I was for buying stuff online. I was a brand new knitter :pout:
Needless to say, I didn’t buy a thing and didn’t go back to the store.

That’s sort of how it is at my not so Local Yarn Store. It’s like…an hour or so away, and everythings super expensive and theyre all a little uptight and snobby.
So, I only go in there often when I want a certain yarn that I can’t buy at Craft stores and such. And I don’t buy much. But I agree, I feel like I have to spend a certain amount to be at their standards.
They suck. xD

There are 3 shops in my area and one of them, while they have the biggest selection is probably the most snooty. It is very unfortunately. The other 2 are just oozing with friendliness and commoradarie (sp?). hang in there, see if you can find another.

Where in the South are you ?

I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I guess LYS owners and employees are just a cross section of the whole. Most good, some bad and all of us have things we wish we’d have done better.

OMG, that is so uncalled for. Who care if you bought notions online. I buy lots of stuff online, but I buy an equal amount in yarn stores too. I actually cannot go into a yarn store without buying something, even if it’s just a set of needles. Online stores do not exist to put LYS’s out of business, I’m sorry.

Anyway, Ainee, the LYS that I tend to go to, simply b/c it’s really close to my office, sometimes has odd attitudes and other times is just really wonderful. Seems to depend on who’s working. But don’t bother asking for help if you didn’t purchase your project materials from them. They will not help you…maybe they will if you sign up for private lessons and pay $$$.

The other LYS that’s nearby is wonderful. The last time I went in there, they kept offering me food and were just very friendly and inquisitive about the people coming in - like, “what do you like to knit? what are you working on?” etc. Very nice. Selection isn’t fabulous, but I know what they do have, and if I need that, it’s my first choice to go there.

So I guess what I’m saying is, keep trying. If there are more stores in your area, try them all out. Unfortunately, you’ll probably run into many stores that will not wind yarn that you bring in from the outside. Might be a different story once you build a relationship with them.

Good luck! Don’t give up! LYS’s can be wonderful places!

I’ve always had a fear of that! I hate snobatoriums!
My lys is in another state, when I visit Tennessee there is a wonderful little yarn store attached to a fly fishing store (she owns the yarn store, he owns the fly fishing store). I love that place, the hubby is nice, the wife is a sweetheart and even the fishing guide guy has helped me out with a friendly way and a cheerful attitude. I’ve even ordered via phone from her and had her ship to me. It’s just a small shop, but she has tons of stuff crammed in there and I just love the ambience of it!

What a bummer, I don’t know why people have to be like that. I could see if they were REALLY busy, they might not be able to wind your yarn but otherwise come on. It only takes a few minutes and almost no effort. What does it matter if the yarn is on clearance or not? The point of the service is to make you feel good about the place so you’ll go back. They are obviously missing the point!

Hopefully you just have a dud in your neighborhood and will have a better time at a different store. I have had good experiences in Boston, Brookline and Western Mass LYSs, and at my mom’s LYSs in Portland and Vancouver (WA). In fact, once I was on business in Las Vegas and I left my yarn on the plane there, so when I had some downtime I found a LYS. The woman was so nice, she even GAVE me a cable needle because she had run out of ones for sale.

This would be a dream for DH and I! Whenever he comes to the yarn store for me, he looks for things that can be used to tie flies, lol!

OMG, that is so uncalled for. Who care if you bought notions online. I buy lots of stuff online, but I buy an equal amount in yarn stores too. I actually cannot go into a yarn store without buying something, even if it’s just a set of needles. Online stores do not exist to put LYS’s out of business, I’m sorry.


:hug: It’s one of the reasons I want to have a yarn store someday where people like that would be outlawed :teehee:

hold the phone…they will wind the yarn for you? I’m fairly new to the whole LYS thing, and don’t really feel comfortable aking for anything (my own issues not theirs)

The first time I went into this LYS, the sales girl was helpful. She answered some yardage questions for me, signed me up for their newsletter, and told me that if I had questions about whatever project I was working on, I could bring it in (even if I didn’t buy my stuff there). I’m still not quite comfortable there (mostly cause I don’t want to look like a dummy) :oo:
But on a plesant note, while I was there yesterday getting my foliage for 50% off, a class was being taught, and the instructor referred to KH! :happydance:

I had the same experience at the LYS. I also scrapbook and am used to employees of LSS that are always so friendly and helpful that I was surprised to run into the snobby attitude from the yarn ladies. I was a very beginning knitter and it was so uncomfortable in the shop that I have never been into a LYS since. I do all my shopping online and at Stitches conventions so that I don’t have to deal with LYS folks. :oops: I would really like to take some classes to improve my knitting skills, but I can’t bring myself to go to another store and I don’t know anyone who knits in my area to get recommendations for a friendlier shop. :shrug:

don’t feel bad, lots of retail people are just crazy. and I don’t know about yarn stores, but at least in other stores it’s often caused by all the loons they have to put up with on a daily basis. :zombie:

my best stories:
one time here in Boston I was basically laughed out of the store because they didn’t feel like the yarn I asked for was worthy of them, much less me.

and another place they watched me in silence the whole time without ever even having said hello!

somewhere else basically told me not to buy their yarn, I’d only #*%$ it up. :rofl:

the one place here I always know won’t be uncomfortable is the one where I can talk to the owner. even there, she has some pretty temperamental employees.

I visit my LYS fairly frequently, and they are very friendly. It is a medium size shop, and it is crammed full of yarn. They will wind yarn for you if they’re not busy, but they usually are, so they’ll show you how, get you started, and you can wind it yourself, which is fine with me (even yarn from elsewhere).They also have some spinning equipment, and some weaving equipment. They have a dog that is always in the shop, and she’s friendly too. That gives them points in my book, if they’re laid back enough to have their dog there.

:hug: that whole experience sucks…

i just went to a LYS about 30 minutes away yesterday… it was reccpmended by artlady. Renaissance Yarn in kent wa. they were very friendly! there was a group of about 7 ladies knitting and one of them was nice enough to let me check out her work to see how a novelty yarn knitted up! The shop employee (not sure if she was the owner?) was very helpful. i asked her to please help us find the non animal fiber yarns (little sister is alergic) and she was more than happy to! needless to say, my little sister had such a hard time picking out just one yarn for her hat, and told me “why do you keep showing me more! they are all so pretty! it’s hard to poick one…” LOL if only she was a knitter…i think she’d have the biggest stash! :roflhard:

anyhow… good luck! try asking for reccomendations from here…

That’s such a bummer. I just checked out a LYS and was disapointed. It looked like the people there had their own group thing but they were nice when I walked in. It was more the selection that disapointed me. I’m just amazed that there is so much yarn that I can’t afford. It’s really close to where I live too, so I might get some needles or small things there.

If you’re having trouble winding balls, check out this article in knitty. My fav is the paper towel roll…I wound my entire stash into nice, neat balls last night. (And wanted to check knittingpatterncentral.com for a pattern for one of my yarns but the website is down again! :!!!: )


I know how you feel :hug: :hug: :hug:

My 1st LYS experience was pretty bad. 1stly the store was the size of a closet. 2nd, The woman who ran the store was rude and cranky and all she wanted to do was sell me something more and was ever ruder when I wouldn’t buy the more expensive yarns that she was trying to push on me (all I bought was some Encore). On top of everything else she tried to bully me into taking classes from her daughter. :grrr: :!!!:

I’m sorry if I hijacked your thread but I’m just trying to say that your experience is just one store. I never went back to that 1st store and since I’ve been to 3 others and I’ve found the one that’s for me. It’s nice and roomy, the staff is very friendly and the prices are great. And they will wind any yarn you may have, they will also let you come in and wind your own yarn. They also give free help to anyone no matter how long you’ve been shopping at the store.

Finding the right LYS is a lot like dating to find the right man/woman. So don’t give up if the 1st one doesn’t work out.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I’ve only been to one near my mother in laws…the lady was nice but I felt a little uncomfortable still :oops: And that store is closing and moving further away :wall: There is another one somewhere near me but I don’t know whether it’ll be worth trying to find it :shrug:

The only other ones I’ve been into were on holidays. One was the size of a shoebox and the lady seemed a bit wary of me :pout: Maybe because I only wanted the cheap yarn she had outside.

My LYS is wonderful… they’re friendly and helpful. I wish it was bigger, only so I could drool more :slight_smile: It’s wonderfully bright with sunlight and has a couple comfy couches for knitting and relaxing. Guess I’m just lucky…