Went to JoAnn today, didn't find what I wanted

got my 50% off coupon and looked for some boye interchangable needles, but all they have gotten were Susan Bate circular and some Clover straights. didn’t find any decent yarn either. I wonder if they hid all the good stuff during a sale or they just don’t have it stock now, or just I have bad luck. Where else can I get some nice interchangable set for a good price?

Not sure about the interchangeable needles, but JoAnn’s NEVER has a good selection of yarn, IMO.

Mine did not have the Boye’s either. So I ordered them online. They are on sale too, for 41.99.

However the 50% off coupon applies to the full price of 69.00, so it doesn’t end up being $20.00, instead it’s $35.00 + shipping and tax.

Kim: where online did u order the Boye? Joann? I didn’t see them theree either…

I got it on joann.com

This is the link

Basically I just did a search for the word, Boye, and it was the first item that popped up.

Did you find it??? :??

If you are looking for Boye’s I would highly recommend looking on Ebay! I got mine for less than $20 including shipping.

yup the joann stores are definitely not knitting stores! you can find a lot of yarn and stuff online but not at the stores. my stores have more crochet hooks than needles too. i take my coupon’s and use them for a cut of fabric to line a bag with or buttons or scissors or whatever other “accessories” i can use with my F/Os.

My Joann sucks too. The yarn selection is piddly so I’m using my coupons for buying the bamboo needles. I’m a baby beginner. :lol:

It seems that some Joann’s have all kinds of knitting things, and some don’t. Mine is 90% fabric, maybe since there’s Michaels and A.C.Moore in the vicinity.

This is true. There are some Joanns called “Joann’s Superstores” and they have a lot of knitting stuff and yarn.

I just noticed that Joann’s online has Boye Needlemaster on sale for $41.99, plus you can use a 50% off coupon on them!

Yep, my Joann’s stinks, too

Went to Joanne today with 50% coupon also. Bought Leisure Arts 99 Knit Stitches. Along with the stitch patterns the book includes 2 sweater patterns that look simple enough for me to try…especially one that should fit GD. It fits sizes Small, Medium and Large. Either size should allow me plenty of time to knit one that will fit her someday. Looked like a fairly simple sweater for adults in it, too. It’s much like the one for girls. The sweater is similar in style to the one on the cover of this month’s Creative Knitting - although different and maybe a little easier to knit. I hope to try both.

Then went to Michael’s and purchased the book Knitting School with my 40% coupon. It appears to be pretty comprehensive. The instruction illustrations seem pretty clear along with text.

just so nobody is cranky when it doesn’t work for them but you can’t use the 50% off on sale prices unless the coupon specifies. but i almost think i would use that 50% off on something else and take that sale price cuz that is actually right around 50% off their “regular” price anyway if i recall!

my joanns has a huge selection of yarn and notions… its a joanns etc. though.

today they have 40% off alll knitting and crochet hooks plus in their bargan isle, they have started carrying their own brand of circs, and cute knitting needle sets and crochet hook sets in cool acrylic colors and clear glitter. they also have their own brand of needle rolls in 3 super cute colors…(i’ve made my own so i don’t need more) hope some of you have a good joanns…but also remember that jpanns, michaels, and ac moore accept competetor coupons, and do price matching with the ads, ac moore will even beat the competetors advertized price by 10% with exception to percent off.

If you have a Michaels in the area, they might accept competitor’s coupons (mine does). And, they almost always have the Boye’s. Also Hobby Lobby has Boye’s and they have a 50% coupon online about once a month.