Went a little crazy!

And spent way too much money yesterday. My friends, who got me started in this knitting addiction, called yesterday and said a knitting store was going out of business in Cleveland and did I want to go? Well , of course I did! OH my! Everything was 30-40% off. I bought enough yarn to make an afghan I have been wanting to start and they had the neatest pattern, it is called “the mother sweater” done all in one from the top down, they assured me that I can do this, so I had to buy yarn and needles to make that…in two different colors no less! One of the yarns I bought is Patons SYS I think…I forgot to bring it with me and I am at work…anyway it is beautiful and so nice to knit ! I did spend too much money though, OH well…

Where did you go? Did you go to the Knitting Room? THey are closing and all 40%.


No it was a place call “sheep in a heap”

That’s not crazy:fingerwag: that’s normal

Well at least to us anyway:teehee:

That is is Lakewood correct? They have the most inconsistent hours and have never been open when I have been on that side of town (even in the middle of the afternoon on a saturday). Glad you go to go!

Did you go anywhere else? River Colors Studio is very near there and a great store.


Yes, we did go to River Colors also! First time I had been there, but I couldn’t buy anything after all the money I spent at Sheep in a Heap!