hello everyone, I’m so happy to discover this site. I’ve been a knitter for40 years, starting as a young child… My projects to date are knitting afghans for my friends who are just becoming grandparents I do have a question which type of needle do tou perfer to use bamboo or other ones?:knitting:

hi Wendy!!!
Welcome to KH :slight_smile: Well, I prefer metal needles myself, mostly Knit Picks Options Interchangeables, but I also use straights. Now, if I am using DPNs, then I prefer bamboo or wood, so they don’t slip out.

I’ve been using Bamboo since I haven’t the heart to ask Dh to let me buy the Options.

But now those rainbow Harmony Options are just causing me to have serious envy issues.

My other needles are my Grandmothers.

I actually prefer bamboo/wood needles to metal but I only have DPN wood needles and my straights & Circ’s are metal.

You will find a wide variety of answers to “what kind of needles do you like” Some people like the wood or bamboo needles because they feel more natural or grip the yarn better or are prettier or (whatever) While others will swear by (x brand) of metal needles because they are smoother, don’t grip the yarn, pointier, quicker, sturdier, (whatever)

I have a variety of needles and like them all for different reasons. I like knitting my socks on bamboo, but for most everything else I’m stuck on my Options metal needles. I’m considering getting some of the harmony needles in sock sizes, though :slight_smile:

It is almost like asking if the people on this board prefer continental or English knitting or if they prefer natural or manmade fibers. We are so varied and yet all so very talented! The nice thing is that I have never seen anyone made to feel bad about using their choices. :slight_smile: