Wendy Knitit ribbon yarn

I was wondering if anyone could tell me in a bit of detail how exactly one is supposed to knit in and make the frilly borders with Wendy Knitit ribbon yarn (such as, am I supposed to pick up stitches from the middle of the ribbon, or a top edge?). I’m not that adept at knitting quite yet, and found that the brief instructions on the back of an instruction sheet for a very cute child’s jacket I want to knit are a little too brief for me.

I appreciate all help.


I’m sorry you haven’t received any responses. I am unfamiliar with this yarn, but could you be a bit more specific about what the pattern is asking? We might be able to help better with a few lines of the pattern that you are struggling with.

Thanks for your response. Wendy Knitit ribbon yarn is, I think, new to the market (I bought it from Love2knit.co.uk, as well as the pattern for the child’s bolero with the frilly border made from Knitit yarn). Knitit yarn is basically a knitted ribbon made up of two stripes of complementary colors. From what the instructions indicate, one is supposed to knit the yarn as a frilly border, picking up stitches from the jacket together with approximately 3 cm lengths of the ribbon into each (?) stitch along edges. This is where I am confused, because I can’t really tell exactly how one is to do this just from looking at the pattern picture, or from the brief instruction.

I’ve so far only seen this type of yarn advertised in a British knitting magazine (Simply Knitting), and we don’t have anything similar to this here in Norway.

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By frilly edge, do you mean a ruffle?? I googled “knitted ruffle” and came up with a number of patterns that add a ruffle to a neckline or cuff. This was one of them on Knitty which is fairly simple and self-explanatory. You pick up stitches, knit one round; increase all the stitches the second round, knit the third round. You’d keep going for as wide as you want the ruffle. I did a similar thing for a baby cap and it worked great.

[color=blue]Sleeve ruffle
Pick up 81[ 83, 89 91, 97] sts with 16-inch circular needle at cuff end of sleeve.
Join, being careful not to twist stitches.
Round 1: K
Round 2: K into the front and back of every stitch, doubling the number of sts on the needle.
Round 3: K
Round 4: K into the front and back of every stitch, doubling the number of sts on the needle.
Round 5: BO
Repeat for other sleeve.[/color]

Obviously, you would adjust for the number of stitches you have on your item.

Try You tube videos for mesh yarns. You just use the top of the ribbon and put the needles through to make a stitch. The distance between stitches determines how much it will ruffle. You pick up one from the ribbon and one from the jacket. I hope by now you have already finished the jacket. Good luck!