Wendy Darling by Drops Design

I wanted to make something for my nephew’s daughter and found this pattern which I thought I could make. However I am struggling to follow the chart diagrams. I am more used to reading instructions rather than charts. I wonder if anyone is able to help me understand the symbols of A2 it would be much appreciated.
Ps. I found this pattern on the Internet.

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And it is darling indeed.

The chart symbols look like flaming matches but it helps to see them as separate instructions. The first row of A.2 reading right to left is:
K1, yarn over, skp, k9, k2tog, yarn over, k5, yarn over, skp, k9, k2tog, yarn over.

skp is slip 1 st as if to K, K 1, psso

In later rows (see row 11) there is a filled in triangle which starts and ends with a yarn over:
yarn over, slip 1 st as if to K, K 2 tog, psso, yarn over


Drops also have a bunch of video tutorials to help with the patterns. There are some general ones on how to read a chart and some more specific ones for particular stitches.
If you go to the pattern page salmonmac linked and scroll down to below the pattern charts the videos are shown at the bottom. One of the videos is for a headband but the zig zig eyelet lace which is on chart A2 of your pattern is very similar, I’ve linked the video above. It doesn’t show you the entire row of A2 but rather how those chart stitches are worked.

It’s a lovely pattern, wish I had someone to make this for!

Good morning Salmonmac
Thank you so much for such a quick response. I am really grateful for your help, I will knit as per your written instructions and hopefully be able to finish and show when it’s done.
Just want to say how wonderful to have this knitting help forum, I usually try to sort out myself, but to know that there are such knowledgeable knitters who are so kind and give their time is truly lovely and inspiring.
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Hi - thank you so much, I will certainly go and watch the help videos and will update when I feel confident, hopefully I will try and work from charts and persevere. This pattern is worked on circular needle, not sure how the charts work.

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The A.2 chart has 32sts (remember that yarn overs won’t use a stitch). Start reading the chart at the lower right and read right to left. Since this is in the round, you’ll always be reading the chart right to left. So start round 2 at the right and read right to left.
Each size has a cast on that is a multiple of 32. The pattern tells you how many repeats of the chart are needed. “…work A.2 (= 6-6-7-7-8 repetitions in width).” It is very helpful to use markers every 32sts to make sure you stay on track. If you should make a mistake, it’s much easier to locate the error this way.
You can do this.


You are too kind thank you. Will update when I can.

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Hi, I have finished the part of the dress when A.2 has been worked 1 time vertically. I understand the A.3 part but it’s the part about decreasing up to 154 sts which is throwing me. I don’t quite understand what I need to do at this point. Please help. Thank you.


Great! You’ve gotten through the most exciting part of the lace pattern. Now you’re going to work the A.3 chart alternately with 29sts in stockinette (this is the * A.3, stockinette 29sts * repeat). That’ll be A.3-k29-A.3-k29-A.3-k29 and so on. This will make the panels that you see in the dress above the lace and before the waist.

When you get to 6". decrease before each A.3 as you work the round. You’ll be decreasing 7 times since there are 7 repeats of A.3. Work several rounds with no decrease and when you’ve finished another 3/4" (2cm), work another decrease round but this time decrease after you work the A.3 chart.

From now on you’ll work a decrease round every 2cm alternating a decrease before each A.3 with a decrease after each A.3. There’ll be a total of 10 decrease rounds spaced out 2cm apart which will take you to 154sts.

There are often helpful videos at the bottom of Drops pattern pages and there’s one for chart A.3 in cast you need it.

Hi Salmonmac
You are so good making time to respond so quickly, thank you so much.
May I just ask with regards to the decreasing, do I only decrease 1st before the A3 and at some point decrease 1st after the A3, I’m so sorry for being a pain, is there a point when I have to decrease both before and after A3. I’m really sorry for not picking this up as you have already explained.

Yes, decrease either one stitch before each repeat of the A.3 or decrease one stitch after the A.3. There isn’t any place where you decrease both before and after the chart on the same row.

These questions are never a pain plus we get to see a lovely pattern.

Thank you Salmonmac, I will be following and do my utmost to get it right. it’s great to have such lovely people who gives such confidence when you don’t know and understand. I’ll carry on calmly as they say. Hopefully will finish and sent photos (unless of course come back if I need more help). Have a good day all.