Wellie Wisher Dress

I am right in the middle of this pattern, which is going well, but now that I’m ready to divide for the sleeves, I feel like there’s something missing…I went back to the website and didn’t find a correction or a way to contact the gal so here goes!

“Divide for armholes

With Purl side facing cast on 3 for back band side edge for snaps and knit these 3 every row. Put rest of stitches on a holder and carry on with the these 11 stitches.

Next row: knit 1, knit 2 tog for the armhole knit to end

Next row: purl remembering to knit 3 for band

Repeat last 2 rows until 7 left. Break off yarn. Put on a holder.”

Here’s the website if it’s helpful to anyone: http://crutchleydiane.wixsite.com/dollie-clothes/ww-minnie-mouse-outfit

I’m making it as a dress…not a Minnie Mouse dress.

Yes, there does seem to be a number missing. You’re going to cast on 3sts for the back band (for snap closure). Use the next 8sts for the back piece on that side. That’s the 11sts total that the pattern mentions. That’ll leave 8sts for the other back piece and 20sts for the front.
Thanks very much for the link to the pattern!

You’re welcome!! You must see these questions as a puzzle to be solved…and you are VERY good at it!! Many thanks!!

Thanks very much. Some patterns are more of a puzzle than others!