Well-trained knitter's children!

Friday night, I wore my new Irish Hiking scarf (2 cable repeats instead of three) to our kids’ band concert. A fellow knitter admired my scarf and said, “Oh my! Did you knit that?!” I said that I did, and her ~12 yo son APPLAUDED me right there on the sidewalk!

(I definitely need her to talk to my kids! :))

Forgot to add the picture: (Not a very good picture, I’m afraid–you can’t see the cables very well!–Looks better in person!)

Very smart kid! and gorgeous scarf!

:teehee: That is too cute!!
I love the colors in your scarf!

It’s beautiful! Love the colors! Very nice kid too!

Love that scarf!!

I know I’m not 12 years old, but…:cheering: :yay: :cheering: :yay: :cheering: