Well this is creepy

random picture on a site I found while looking for felting instructions

EW! :shock: I dont ever wanna look at that pic again!

:shock: Yikes :shock:
But, they look like the dolls sold at a flower/gift shop I worked at in college. People were nuts over them and they were handmade/handpainted. I think they were a collection of storybook fairytale characters. I just can’t think of the name of the company though…

Wow, that IS creepy! :shock: :help:

AGGGGHHHHHHHH! :shock: I think I may have nightmares now! Especially since that poor dog looks like my Bodhi.

Ok, I’m not sure I get what’s creepy about that… It’s just a satyr holding a bamboo flute. I’m quite impressed with the creator’s needle felting talents! Kinda cute in a mystical creatures way…

I can’t put my finger exactly on WHY it is creepy, but to me, it kind of is. It just looks…well, WRONG. Mabye something about the contrast between the cute, cuddly, puppy and the semi-“its so ugly its cute” doll???

The face, the eyes, the smile…

Maybe cuz it’s sooooo “lifelike.”…NOT! :oo:

WHAT THE @&@&&#@* :oo:

ahh, What do you call that goat-man thing?? Hasn’t it got some satanic thing going?? :thinking:

OMG… I’m gonna have nightmares. That is soooo creepy!! :shock:

That is pan, Greek god of the woods, and of flocks of animals (appropriate, no?). He has the form of a man from the torso up, but the hindquarters of a goat. Otherwise known as a satyr, but since he’s holding a Pan Flute, I think he’s supposed to be the deity himself.

And yes, that representation is icky. Imagine coming home to a dark house with him on a shelf. EEK!!

That’s what happens when you felt in a front loader…


:roflhard: I thought he was holding a foot of some kind I couldn’t figure out what in the world he was holding :shock: crreepppyyy indeed but the more you look at him the more ya think kinda cute???

Glad I don’t have a front loader!! :roflhard:

:roflhard: i thought that too! ittook me a minute before i relized there was a dog in the pic!

Ok, I already have weird dreams…but now I’m dreading going to bed tonight!

OMG! I too thought it was a foot that he was holding…I was trying to figure out where the foot came from since it was obvioulsy not his own or the dog’s. :roflhard:

Yes, definitely creepy!