Well, this doesn't quite look right

Honestly, I don’t know how to explain it haha. But I was kitting my first scarf a while ago and it kept doing what was going on in the picture below. I got frustrated, thought I figured out how to make it not look like that with the second one and low and behold… I did it again. Is there any way to prevent it or what should I do?

See how one part looks perfect, then on the other it looks messed up? It looks like (comparing it to sewing haha) that the yarn is on the wrong side. =/ I just don’t know what to do.

I assume you want both stripes to look like the bottom one. :slight_smile: What happened is that for the bottom stripe you made the color change while on one side of the fabric and on the other one you were on the opposite side when you made your first color change. From there out you probably counted rows to have the width of the stripe right and that caused it to change on the wrong side then too.

You probably want to work the first color change when you have the right side of the scarf facing up. So if you took it back to where the second stripe was supposed to start and make sure the nice looking side of the first stripe is up when you start that row it should work out. Then every time you begin a stripe make sure that side is up.

If by some quirk you needed to change on the wrong side, it should look wrong right away and then take it out and either take out or add one more row so that you are making the change on the WS. Either way, if it looks wrong right after you make the color change, take it out and either add one row or take out one row and that should throw the WS to the WS.

You changed your color on the ‘wrong side’ the opposite side from where you did it for the first one.

Thank you so much. You don’t realize how much frustration you just saved me from going through haha. :3 I’ll test it. Once again thank yoooou