Well, that was stupid

I told dh I won’t open the yarn I ordered until my birthday. I’m regretting it now! :roflhard:
It’ll be TORTURE not opening the boxes as soon as they arrive - Especially the cashmere merino sock yarn. Arrrrgh.

There is no way I would be able to hold out. The minute my yarn comes to the door I grab it and rip the box open. Just tell your husband that your a woman and you are allowed to change your mind :teehee: :teehee:


Is this your birthday present and that’s why you promised not to open it until your birthday? I’d tell him you just couldn’t wait and rip that package open.

Why put yourself through unnecessary torture?

Stress is not good for new mommies. You must open it for the children’s sake. He loves his babies, he must insist you open it. :wink:

I’m going to open the knitpicks order and leave the scrumptious Webs order for b-day. Dh is going to choose stuff off my webs wishlist, too. I put a TON of sock yarn and karbonz etc on it. I will be very surprised. :slight_smile:


My WEBS order is out for delivery. :-/ How can I resist opening the box for three weeks? !

I always have to check for order accuracy :wink: … but I guess that may not work as well with dh choosing. Darn! (snaps fingers)

Lol. :slight_smile: