Well, I've done it!

I’ve decided it’s time to venture out of the world of making hats and scarves to make a sweater. I’m starting out with a baby one, don’t think I want to tackle an adult one just yet! :smiley:
But if it hadn’t been for this forum, I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to try it. I already made my swatch and I was perfect on gauge, so I’ll take that as a good omen! :rofling: And darn it all, I’m going to have to get new needles because the yarn doesn’t slip of the ones I have very easily, what a pity!

:cheering: :cheering: Yay for you…WTG :thumbsup:

That’s how I talked myself into my first pair of Addi’s!

Have fun with the sweater, keep us posted on it.

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Hurray for your adventurousness!!! Knitting gets so much more fun when you’re no longer knitting squares/rectangles because you feel that’s all you can do!

And how unfortunate that you might have to buy Addis now. Drat. :wink:

I had never a made garment before either. After finding this website I have made two sweaters for my granddaughter. Here is a picture of the latest one I just finished. It used dpns, 2 circular needles at the same time and I even mastered the kitchener stitch. So go for it! It is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

That’s lovely, Pug!! :inlove:

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! And what a lovely sweater pug!
Yeah, isn’t it unfortunate that I need a pair of addi’s? Actually, I need a couple of them for another project I have planned! :rofling:

[color=indigo] You should double check your gauge after you get your new needles. My gauge changes with more slippery needles.

Oh, and Pug your sweater is absolutely beautiful! I was wondering if your name, Pug, was taken from the fantasy books which I, of course, cannot recall the name of… but Pug becomes a powerfull magician. Completely off-topic, but I’ve been dying to ask!

Best of luck on your sweater making!!


Thanks for the advice, newbieknit. I’ll be sure to do that!

I envy your bravery!! :thumbsup: I have only just ventured into hat making and I’m feeling just a tiny bit apprehensive about it. I can’t wait to see the final project!

Hi newbeknit!

Actually the name Pug comes from my husband. When we started dating he thought my nose was cute and he called it a pug nose. The name stuck! It is his term of endearment. Thanks for asking.

Terms of endearment are the BEST!! Thank you for answering my questions!


That’s great!

Sweaters aren’t really harder than anything else. As Ingrid would say, just trust the pattern. And if you get stuck, you always have us!