Well It Happened!

The question I had posed about resting the needle on my stomach in the T-Pose or cross fashion while knitting. It finally happened. My brand new stainless steel cable powered needle broke!

Luckily I had gotten a kit the weekend prior so I had a replacement. I’ll be getting more of the interchangeable circulars.

To those newbies like myself that are going to get or are thinking of getting rounds, consider getting the interchangeable rounds. This was when the cable breaks you aren’t out a full needle just a 3 or 4 dollar cable.

Well da*n, dude. Hate it for ya. Haven’t had that experience (yet) but none of my circulars are connected by steel cable either, so that might have something to do with it. Plastic will work harden too, but not as easily. It’s a good thing to know though, because one of the interchangeable sets I was looking at [I]does[/I] use braided stainless cables (even though the single length needles that manufacturer makes don’t). So this adventure might factor into my decision on which one to get.

Wow, not sure exactly what you mean, but bummer!

In all the years I’ve had interchangeables I had the cable pull out of the join twice. I ordered a new one at Knitpicks which they promptly sent, but in the meantime I gave it to my DH and he fixed it with hot glue. You have to be really careful to not get enough that it goes over the edge and creates a snag on your cable. I’m not sure how he did it (I can ask), but it worked great both times. So I got the new cables and have the original ones as well. :thumbsup:

@mojo11, don’t discount the stainless needles just don’t get the ones that aren’t interchangeable. The one that broke wasn’t had it been it would have been a matter of just replacing the cable. Since they weren’t interchangeable I lost the needle set.

I love the stainless circular rounds.

@Jan in CA, I noticed it due to it catching a few stitches. So I brought out the kit and hooked up the size needles I wanted and kept going.

Good times. I’m more than miffed that I didn’t start knitting sooner in my life. I’m loving it so much.

If I opt for the other set it’ll probably be for other reasons. Like not wanting to buy a bunch of stuff I’ll never use because of the way the sizes run in the small and large sets – with cables that don’t interchange between sets.

This particular set has the braided stainless sheathed in plastic, which would help with strain relief, but also adds to the thickness – and possibly stiffness – of the cable. Since the single length needles don’t use this kind of cable, I don’t have a way of finding that out unless I get the set. And that’s a lot of cake to lay out on speculation. The other set I’m looking into is the one my girlfriend got (actually two sets… she got the “add-on” set with the larger sizes too). With that one I have the advantage of being able to try them out first. And they cost a bit less once you’re done with all the extras. Actually, now I do the math, it’s a good bit less ($40 or more).

Dude, knitting is supposed to involve the hands, not the digestive system. LOL I think you need to figure out how to leave the tum tum out of the knitting process. Depending on how something breaks and/or slips, a sharp point could do some damage. I can see it now, Dude quits knitting, he just can’t stomach it. Please be careful. I’ve bloodied fingers with sharp points more than once.

mojo, I have a ChiaoGoo fixed circ and it has stainless sheathed in something cable and it’s OK but definitely heavier and not as flexible at the ones with my Knit Picks Options. I also decided I don’t really like the ergonomic bend in them.

I have that same thought all the time! Knitting is just my favorite thing! I really feel for people who don’t have any hobbies.
Oh, and sorry about your cable, but it’s cool that you can get more. I’m saving for a KA set, I hope replacements are easy to get.

Grumpy it’s happened before cept not with knitting. While using different xacto blades for plane modeling I’ve dropped more than 1 that have stuck into the top of my foot. Hasn’t stopped me building models. That’s why we have Scooby-Doo band aids.

Rie, what is a KA set? I’m still not up to speed on all the brands. Or terminology for that matter.

KA is a brand. You can order them online or maybe find them in your local yarn shop. The single needles are fairly inexpensive and they’re cool - the cord is joined with a swivel.

Sorry! That did sound a little cryptic. :blush:
KA stands for Kinki Amibari, which is a Japanese needle company. So they are like Clover but much better and cheaper. Really they are like Crystal Palace needles if you’ve ever used those, but of course lots cheaper!
I was buying them at my LYS but the owner says they are too hard for her to get now. I don’t really understand the complexities of the knitting industry but thankfully I can still get them online at places like Paradise Fibers. However, I am a little worried by what my LYS owner told me. How could they be hard to get as they are so awesome? Are they going out of business? Should I be stocking up on replacement cords, etc? Is my LYS having difficulties? So many unknowns… :shrug:

In my experience, the Happy Buddah Belly is an indispensable knitting aid! Like those wrist supports that people use who do a lot of data entry and so forth. Plus, it’s a built in table for the cable needle, crochet hook or stitch marker I’m not using right this moment, but will need again shortly.

Never underestimate the power of the belly!

This thread amused me, not because the needles broke but because I found a couple of kindred spirits in the use of the tum when knitting! :cheering: I have the weirdest knitting technique (according to other knitters) whereby I balance the right hand needle in an upright position on my tum, I think it’s because I’d only used longer needles that tuck under my elbows leaving my hands mostly free for knitting. I found the dpns (7") so short and I’m not used to holding needles with my hands! This was my answer, although later in the evening when I’ve changed for bed I do find that the pointed end of the dpns needle goes straight through my jersey knitted pj’s and I keep stabbing myself in the belly!! :knitting:

Performing seppuku on oneself while knitting is less than desirable. Though it does make for some redder than reds!

about a year ago, and they have that clear plastic tubing between them, and are interchangeable, and with different lengths of tubing (bought that at the auto parts store), I can make my needles the length I need them to be for the pattern. I just don’t like them because they are bamboo, and unlike most early knitters, I need those stitches to slide freely, was thinking of using a very fine sandpaper on them and then putting wax on them to make them less “grabby”, but have not tried it yet.

I’ve found the wood gets ‘polished’ the more you use them. My clover needles were a bit grabby when I first got them, but after using them, they’re quite smooth, and while not as slick as metal ones, the stitches move easily.

I think I’d avoid the wax, and maybe the sandpaper too. Wax will sink into the pores of the wood (which is what it’s supposed to do) and very possibly transfer to your yarn as you work it. And it doesn’t wash out of fabric very well. Sandpaper – even very fine sandpaper – will open new grain in the wood, which might actually make it [I]more[/I] “grabby”. What you might try instead is fine steel wool. That will peel off the microscopic slivers on the surface, but leave the existing grain intact. Pay attention that you don’t leave any steel wool fibers behind though, or you could wind up with “bonus fiber” in your work. Use the finest you can find, stainless if it’s available, and you’ll probably want to wear gloves while you’re working with it. Nothing’s more bothersome than a sliver of steel in your finger.

I just got my new Addi Lace Short interchangeable set last week.
Loving them. It’s so nice when I’m working on baby/toddler things that I can change the cable to a shorter length without having to change needles.
I have had one of the cables come loose while knitting, but think it was the way I was holding the needle. I think I was accidently pushing on the area where the needle and cord connect and since that is how you disconnect the cord it was doing what it was supposed to, just not when it was supposed to. :teehee: Now that I am aware of that I haven’t had any more problems with the needles.

Wax paper can be used to coat needles. It’s not as heavy as plain wax, and the wood will absorb it and not leave as much residue to transfer to the yarn. The oils from your skin will help too.

I, also, am glad to not be alone stabbing myself with knitting needles. I have to do the same balancing on the belly with the right needle when I purl English style. I’ve switched to continental, but I haven’t managed to figure out how to maneuver dpn’s and knit continental, so I still do that English style and with very skinny pointy sock needles…ouch!

It’s the entrails that get to me. :mrgreen: