Well I'm trying to knit, but for my cat

I set up this table to sew on, then cat kept stealing it, so I added a blanket to half of it for him (despite the fact that he has his own little table and cat bed just next to it, you can see).

Then I set up some knitting on my half. Look at this…he stole my ball of yarn to cuddle with!

I’ve just begun a scarf that somebody posted a while ago.


too funny!!! Obviously, cat highly approves of your crafting choices :teehee:

It’s a cat rule.

See this link.


lol. reminds me of my cats

Love it. So much like my Ginger.

Oh man, that cracks me up. So much like my cats!

Love it, mine were like that also. It used to infuriate my husband that every time he’d put up a super big strategic military game, the cats thought it was all for them.

How cute ! At least he is letting you knit lol :slight_smile:

maybe he is feeling jealous n want ur attention

give 'em an inch…!!!

:rofl: too cute!!

:roflhard: Cats - they are all the same!!! One of mine was trying to eat my circular cable while I was knitting last night :teehee:

Cute! :slight_smile:

I refuse to knit around my cat; I used to crochet with him next to me, until I came across some wet yarn.

I looked over at him and he was just sitting there, letting the yarn run through his teeth (like floss :shock: :rofl:).

At least yours is only snuggling up with it! :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

This reminds me of my little Franklin…he always has to be involved in the project. Either he plays with the yarn, or he lies right up against the knitting bag, or (if foolishly left to his own devices) lies right on the project itself.

Too cute!! Yep, my cats like to “help” also. One keeps trying to get into my knitting bag, though they pretty much leave the yarn alone. I have to explain to Murphy that I am unable to knit with her in my lap! I’ve been working on a baby afghan forever, and fortunately the recipient-to-be has cats also. >^…^<


That’s FUNNY!

Pam, what a gorgeous-colour of cat you have there!

Too Cute!! My poor raggie Bluebell has been on a drip at the vets for the last 2 days and nights. Results of blood tests should be back today. I so miss her sitting on my knee while I am trying to spin. (I never thought I would ever say that!) We have no idea what is wrong with her yet, she just stopped eating and drinking.

lol That’s awesome!