Well I wanted it Red!

This Sunday, as my hair has grown back into a little crop, I wanted to dye my hair. I hate having it short so I wanted to make it interesting. I thought I’d go red, but not [COLOR=Red][I]this[/I][COLOR=Black] red!

What do you think!

I like it, and today in town had a few people come up to and say they love it, (I’ve never had my hair commented on before). And a little girl in a shop said to her mum, I must be a fairy. Her mum said not to tell everyone because it was a secret so I waved to her, you should have seen the smile. It was so nice.

It will probably grow out soon, at which point I have a nice purple dye on stand by!

I like it, it looks cool!! I love how you matched your accessories with your hair. I can’t wait to see it purple though, that’s my favorite color.

That is a really bright red! It fits you - only thing I would change is for you to wear redder lipstick, but that would be it …

I am not that adventuresome with my hair - I go as far as getting blonde highlights and brown lowlights. Although I did try to do strawberry blonde once, which ended up being more like neon peach. Wasn’t too crazy about it.

Ooo, I like it, you look great!

I agree, some red, red, red lipstick and you’ll be on fire! Love the hair color, and the fairy story. So cute! :heart:

Oooooooooohhhhhh! I LOVE that!!

I like it. Not the sort of thing [I]I [/I]would wear, but it looks good on you. Very bold.

Love it. My hair was shocking red for a while too. It got the most compliments. You’re making me want to go grab a box of bleach :slight_smile:

Oh to be young again… I Love it, back in the day that would of been something I would of done. Iam 41 now. but when I was 39 I dyed my hair purple. I thought that was going to be the last time I could do something like that.

I love it!:heart: That fairy story is so sweet!:teehee:

I’ve had purple dye forever but keep chickening out. I love it BTW!

your hair looks fab! i love it.

I think it looks great on you!!

I showed your picture to my oldest DD and she said…, “Oh my God, Mom! Who’s that? She is totally bad A!” I took it to mean that she really liked it and thought it was cool. She wanted red streaks in her hair, but the school dress code forbids any “distracting” hair coloring.

I love it! The cut AND the color! Wish I had the oomph to carry that off myself. I’ve only gone burgundy. Maybe you’ll inspire me …

Holy cow! We could be twinkies! :slight_smile: I’ll take a pic and post later.

I tell people mine is natural all the time. Makes me giggle.

I took a quick picture.

Very switched on baybee!!!:cheering:
I could use some fairy sparkle…wave at me wouldja?:happydance:
I’m jealous of your spunk to do it, it looks great!:lol:

Ellie, I [I]love[/I] it! :inlove: Not only do you rock, you look like a rock star. Gorgeous!

i think it looks very pretty on you! and the fairy story is great :slight_smile: