Well I just organized and tidied up my stash

I moved it from a 50 quart tote and a small three-drawer rolling thingy to a 50 GALLON tote. :shock: Not much room left in there either! And the hardest part was designating which yarns had to go to the bottom…I want to be able to see all my pretty yarns when I open it up! LOL! And I have plans for them all, I really do!

Yeah, sure, that’s what we all say! :rofling:

:roflhard: You’ve probably got even more ideas for all that yarn now that you’ve gotten to see it all again.

Congratulations! I’m proud of you. And of me too. I just reorganized the yarn in my little sewing room, as the pine bench that was in there went to my son’s new/old house yesterday. :smiley: DH built a nine section wire cubby thingy for me and I spent an hour filing my yarns in it. It looks so pretty! And all the ideas I have for the yarns came rushing back as I saw it. Of course, I still have my big tubs in the store room… I think perhaps I will buy another nine sections and add them to this. There’s room and it would hold more yarn. And then I would have to fill it, right? :XX: samm who knows we both could have much worse habits that collecting yarn!

I get the same way. I don’t want anything to be hidden, but for the moment it has to be. Maybe if I completely clean out the dresser in my office I can put the yarn stash in there, or most of it.

I was once into scrapbooking (thought it was an expensive hobby so I decided to take up knitting!!!) and dh had put together a wired thingy for me too–I’ve asked him to re-assemble it w/ the shelves in different places so I can put my yarn in it. Problem is…I haven’t decided how to organize the yarn…what would you do…by weight/color/fiber??? I’m thinking by colo b/c I almost always know what color I want to make something…that way I could just go to that color bin and see what yarns I have (and then go buy more b/c inevitably I’ll need something different than what I have!)

:cheering: :cheering: It feels great to get it all organized…it took me FOREVER to organize patterns, tutorials, tips, etc and the yarn :roflhard: :rofling: but…well worth the effort :wink:

I have the same problem… I can’t see all my yarn and then I forget about it or just buy more and cover up what I can see :shifty: and of course have plans for it all :lol: I do have my patterns in order and my books… need a better plan for yarn though… wonder if dh would think I was off my rocker if I got a big book case and instead of displaying books I displayed yarn so I could see them all… :thinking:

I think it would be cool to by by color…seeing variations of different colors might inspire some good ideas…

I have my yarn together by different things. Sometimes by project or color. Mostly its by manufacture. I have a WOTA tote, a basket full of acrylic, a basket of Lamb’s pride, a basket of Manos, stuff like that. Depends on what yer using it for I guess. :thinking: