Well I got a little present

dropped off at my house.:oo:

His name is Raymie (as in Do-Re-Mi) because he is sooo loud when he sings for his supper.

So yeah, no idea where he came from… looks to be about 2 weeks old. Can’t stand up yet, ears not totally uncurled, but eyes are open.

Too bad I can’t keep him :frowning:

How cute! You definitely can’t keep him?

Definitely not. I already have 3 and my mom is asthmatic. I shouldn’t have the ones I do but they are like my children and I couldn’t stand to lose them.

I have to find him a GOOD home but for now I am getting up every 3 hours to feed him.

OMG!!! what a sweetie you are to be taking such good care of him even though you can’t keep him. and what a cutie pie kitty… I wish we could take him- we are at our pet limit… poor little kitty I wonder what happened and why he’s not with his mommy! so young!

He is just adorable. When he purrs it sounds like a marble rolling around in a jar. He cries a lot though until his belly is full. :slight_smile: I take my job as a kitty mommy seriously!!!

Awww, what a nice kitty mommy you are. I hope You find him a good home!

Best wishes on getting some sleep, Ms Kitty Mommy!


:inlove: He’s adorable and if there weren’t 3000 miles in between us, I’d pop over and adopt him from you. I’m thinking of getting more critters in my life.


He’s sooooo adorable. :flirt:

I wish we could take him, but we already have two full grown cats (ages 7 & 6) who are quite territorial. I hope you find this little one a good home. :slight_smile:

Darn it. I’ve decided I can only have as many cats as there are human hands to pet them. So, no more cats. Is your baby using the litter box, too, or do you need to train him on that. It’s sad that he’s away from his mama so young, though. I’m glad he has a good sub!

We kinda had the same thing happen day before yesterday but with a puppy. Neighbor brought it here and said it was dropped at their house but they have a new baby (a week old) and can’t keep it. We said we’d take care of it until we can find it a good home. It’s almost cute, but it’s kinda ugly. It’s a funny little pup too. Feisty. Has a great personality and I hope we can find a good home for it.