Well I finally signed up for knitting classes!

Just a little excited - I stopped in my LYS today for some help on a sweater I am knitting and, while there, FINALLY signed up for some classes! A one-night class on finishing techniques, a 2-nighter on Intarsia and a 2-nighter on Entrelac (sp?). Two of them are in Sept. and the other in October. Knew if I didn’t commit there and then another class schedule would pass me by with me still standing there with good intentions. I’m excited not only to learn the techniques, but to make some connections with fellow local knitters. Knew you guys would understand my enthusiasm!:happydance:

I hope you enjoy them! I have a top down sweater class startimg in Sept. I chose a cardigan pattern so I can also learn the right way to do button holes! Have fun and let us know how your classes pan out.

I LOVE taking classes. I learn so much. I’m planning on taking a crochet class, because I’ve seen some sweaters that have unique trim done by crotchet.

I hope you enjoy!