Welded needles!

I know I haven’t been posting lately but I do have a good reason - I’m still frantically keeping up with the Happy Hedgie orders. Knitting needles are red hot!! So far I’ve completed 37, 9 more on order :sweat:
There are still lots more contacts I haven’t used yet, too, so at this rate, the Hedgies will deffo be meeting my target!

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You are on a roll! Thanks for the update, gramercy.

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Are you making knitting needles? And what are happy hedgie orders?

Sorry, GG - I hadn’t realised how long ago my first post about the Happy Hedgies was - late February, in fact!

No, I’m not making needles - just the speed I’m knitting could make them red hot :wink:

To re-cap, I’m going back to Nepal in December as part of a house building team with Habitat for Humanity and am producing the Hedgies as a fund raiser, which I’m delighted to say has proved successful. I’ll attach a photo of them, ranged along the back of my settee.

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