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Hi Amy - I am new to the site, and already I like it from what I have seen. I love to knit and have been for 60 years. But, there is always something new or something that I don’t know how to do. It is good to have some help online that can solve a problem. I look forward to reading all the replies and learn how to post my questions, and maybe help someone else too. Thanks for starting this forum.


Welcome to the forum doone and Not.A.Knitter!
We’re her to help and to share projects and ideas. Happy to have you both along.

Debbie here…I’m an average level knitter/crocheter. Not a beginner but certainly not an expert. Hope to be expert some day.
I’m working on a pattern and the first row has me stumped…that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the pattern I guess. LOL
The first row = (RS) K-f/b/f, sl 3 wyif. This increases by 2 stitches.
I cannot for the life of me figure out the slip 3 stiches because it leaves the working yarn in the middle of the row.

Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern?
Usually the 3 sts would be slipped purlwise from left to right needle with the yarn in front. Then the following direction might be to take the yarn to the back and proceed with the row. This will leave a bar in the front of the work due to the sts slipped with yarn in front.

Thanks for such a quick reply.

The name of the pattern is: The Shift by Andrea Mowry

So, on row 1, you do f/b/f and the wyif slip 3 stitches……am I slipping the left stitches to the right needle or vice versa?



Slip the 3 sts from the left to the right needle. This will give you the edge

It would probably be best to remove the photo of the pattern due to designer copyright. Your quote of the row and the pattern name is enough. You can use the pencil icon in the lower right of your post to edit.

Hello! I started learning how to Knit this year through Youtube.
I learned the Continental method and I have never stopped knitting since then. :blush:

I :heart: Knitting!


Hello, Welcome to KH, congratulations on teaching yourself to knit through you tube and for finding your way here :grin: I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here. Remember to post some photos of your work and, if ever you need help with anything just ask and someone here is sure to know the answer. :smiley:


Hi! I’m pretty much a beginner knitter, my grandma taught me a few years back, but now I just really had the urge to create stuff with my own hands (it’s fantastic) so I basically just check youtube every five seconds and learn something new. I found this site because there was something I couldn’t find on youtube, and I have to say that it looks like an amazing resource!! not to mention like the super nice community from the few threads I read :heart:

Now I just need to figure out if I should ask for help on this thread or in a new topic (I haven’t ever actually been a part of a forum before :joy: :joy: )


Welcome to this one!
It’s lovely to learn to knit from a family member. We’re happy to have you join us.

Best to use the +New Topic button in the upper right to ask for help or start a new topic,


Hi I’m new here. Just got into knitting and making all sorts for the grandchildren.

I can work most things out, but stuck on one piece of a giant knitted seahorse now!

Giant knitted seahorse sounds fabulous! Is it a 3D toy? I’m sure someone can help if you post a question. I hope we are lucky enough to see a photo of this seahorse.

Yes it’s about 2ft tall in lovely chunky knit. Will post picture of the finished article

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I’m looking forward to it.

I finally finished the seahorse


That worked out so well. The shaping is grand! She looks very comfortable relaxing on land, too.

Lovely! The ruffley bit works well.

Hi! New here!
The directions said to bind off three stitches at the beginning of the next two rows. NP. However (!), when I did that the two bind offs were obviously on two different rows.? I even tried to bind off at the beginning and end of one row and I’m sure you all know how that ended! Did I do it right the first time? If I did, should the bind offs not be equal? The reason I’m asking this way is because I couldn’t figure out how to send after I typed it.

Sounds like an under arm you are binding off. It’s normal to be in different rows in flat knitting, it won’t look odd when you’ve finished though. All the tops and sweaters I’ve made have this type of shaping one row off.

Hi and welcome to KH!
You were right the first time. Yes, the bind offs will be on two different rows but that’s usually a small fraction of an inch difference. It won’t be noticeable (even to the knitting police).

If you want to post a new topic there’s a grey box in the upper right of most pages or lists of topics. A reply box will pop up so that you can type your question then hit Reply in the lower left of the box. Posting here is just fine. We’ll find your question or comment wherever. Happy knitting!