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Hi, I’m Elaine,
I am in my 50’s.I Knitted a lot in the 70’s,but never had training! (My mother with all the skills of knitting and crochet had to work.

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I am Elaine, 54 years old, I can sew, embroider and knit . Under lockdown, I have knitted many hats and dog coats.I can knit from my own design, but I am not very good with knitting patterns and their abbreviations. Best Wishes, Elaine x

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Welcome to KnittingHelp!
We’re happy to have you join us and happy to have your experience here too.

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On the sleeve, pattern says increase one stitch each end of next row and following 4th rows until there are 81 sts. Does this mean every 4th row?

Yes, increase one stitch each end on the next row, call it row 1 and then on rows 5,9,13,17 and so on until 81sts.

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Hello, just found this site and though I have been knitting for many years I often have problems understanding patterns. Usually I manage to decipher them but sometimes not!

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Hello, I just found out about this website, and am very excited. I am a self-taught left-handed knitter, I just held a booklet up to the mirror. From the many websites I have searched, it seems I knit a bit differently. I keep the yarn in my left hand, as well as holding my working needle in it as well. Nevertheless, I seem to be able to manage simple things, hats in the round mostly. Hope I can learn as well as hope to be able to contribute as my skill develops.

Welcome Josephine1 and Ulanawahine!
We’re happy that you both found the site. As you can see many knitters come here with questions about patterns so it’s a great place to ask.
Thanks for joining us.

Welcome Elaine!!
nice to have you here :wave:

Hello MellonFriend and welcome to KnittingHelp,

You love knitting and been at it for five years, that’s amazing.
You will find many helpful beautiful souls here at Knittinghelp!

Any trouble with your stitches or a pattern, many a skilled knitter is here.
We encourage you to share your projects, we would love to see your knitting.
Most of all welcome.

No question is to small to answer here



Thank you for the wonderful welcome! :blush:

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Kindred spirits live here :stuck_out_tongue:


!! YES !!

hi all my name is alvia and Im intermediate in knitting. im excited to be here

Welcome aloo!
Good to have you and your experience on the forum. Thanks for joining us.

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Hi. I live in Winnipeg. I used to knit a lot; mostly sweaters for myself and my daughters and baby outfits. I lost interest about 20 years ago, but now I’m back doing small items such as Barbie and doll clothes and balaclavas for preschoolers.

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Welcome to KH!
Those sound like very rewarding and worthwhile projects. Well done. We’re glad you’ve joined us.

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