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Hi Shintoga,

Thank you for responding. I’m making an Aran Afghan Throw blanket, which Is done in squares. I believe you are correct. After further investigation I found that K1, P1, K1 means you should K1, but keep the original stitch on your left needle, and then do the same for the P1 and K1, resulting in an increased number of stitches. Then when you P3 together, it works out. When I tried it, I had the right number of stitches on my needle. A little confusing for a newbie, and I’m only on Row 2 :crazy_face:.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome! Glad you managed to work things out, good luck with the rest of your project !

Hi, my name is Maureen. I have knitted a baby blanket and I am struggling with the edging details on the pattern. There’s 11 stitches in total for this. Row 3 Says k6, yft, s1p, yuk, return slipped stitch to left hand needle, turn (then no more instructions for this row) Row 4 is P5, k1. Can anyone help please?

Kind regards

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Hi, I’m Monica, I am a new knitter too, have a great day all of you :slight_smile:

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Hi! New knitter learning on my own!

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Hello Friends,
I’m Eener. I am totally burning up hours on my laptop looking up all sorts of videos and notes in trying to teach myself how to knit during this Covid lockdown. I am thinking this Knitting Help forum will be a blessing - but I have to figure out how to utilize it first! Thanks for having me aboard!


Hello everyone, I run my channel if anyone is interested here are my works https://www.youtube.com/c/Szydełkowopl

Hi Lenny T and welcome to Knitting help

You mentioned about a knitting item needing blocking after it’s washed.
I think all knitted items need to be hand washed. So just give your friend that instruction hand wash hang to dry. Like any delicate item. It then doesn’t need to be blocked again, and I think if you wash it in general wash it will lose the ability to be blocked again.

Just my thoughts


can you give us a better picture so we can see the full pattern.
if i am reading it correct, on the 4th row you purl 5 and knit 1 repeating until the end of the row then the 5th you k1 p9 k1 and repeat that sequence until the end of the row.

that is really odd as it only equals 6 maybe it was an error and they meant to write p5 k1 p5 so it equals 11

I was on here years ago, but for whatever reason, I haven’t knit in a few years now and want to get started again. We recently welcomed a new granddaughter into our family and want to knit for her…a Santa Hat specifically, but I feel maybe I need to practice before I jump in again. I don’t enjoy knitting dishcloths, but I suppose I should start there. I am afraid I have forgotten a lot.


Hello - my name is Marion and am going to figure out how to ask a question!!

Hello. A newbie here. I guess I did a bad thing, I started knitting and am truly obsessed! Addicted ! I first knitted long ago and then crocheted multiple afghans (none of which I still own😅) and then crocheted shrugs. I wish I had kept a journal! My children and grandchildren are the owners of all these. I am a former music teacher and life put me down, really down. After losing my husband of 65 years and two daughters, one at 52 and the other at 63. I have 2 sons and one daughter left and many grands and greats. I conquered lace shawls and have started socks. Another addictive habit! Not having much lunch here but since I can’t do much else at 87 I keep on trying! Thanks to all the YouTube knitters who post helpful videos!


Good evening everyone!! My name is patty, I’m not only new to this site, but new to knitting as well. I started learning by knitting hats for those in need, actually dropped off my first bag of hats about a week ago, I had posted on Facebook looking for donations of yarn and anything so as I could learn to knit in this fashion… Now I’m hooked lol. I live in upper peninsula Michigan.


Greeting to all. I found this site this week while looking for cardigan inspiration, and I am sooo hooked… I’m 35 years old, mother of two childrens, have been knitting about a year.
I have mainly knitting for my children simple things like scarves and gloves and just have begun to make cardigans.

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Hi! So glad to join this community. I’m a total noob here. Just decided to learn knitting because I’d like to be doing something even while I’m plonked in front of the TV in this cold. I’m Zoey, and I’ve been watching a fair few knitting videos and am on the verge of ordering knitting supplies. Thought I’d chat with experts and see if they have suggestions.

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Hi what a lovely welcome, I love knitting as i find it very therapeutic, which helps me unwind after a busy day at work.

Looking forward to reading all the hints and tips and posting questions, I do often get confused with knitting patterns so this site will help me loads!


Hello! I’m so happy to have found this community. I have been blindly learning through books and because of current circumstances joining an in person knitting group isn’t possible. While I have the basics down, I’d like to venture further and learn more advance things.

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Hi, I’m Rachael. I’ve made a couple of jumpers from the Debbie Bliss Junior Knits book, and am currently stuck on the instructions for the Molly Bolero jacket. It feels like some of the instructions for the border are missing. The right front looks ok, but there doesn’t appear to be any reference to the left front. I have never done a border like this before and the photos don’t show all the way round the garment, so a I can’t see how it’s supposed to be at the back. Help!


Hi, I am Nancy in Michigan and I started knitting in 4H in 5th grade. I think that makes it 50 years ago. I just had to move my big cupboard in which all my sewing and crafting supplies reside. I got to visit the vest I started in my early 20s, in a nubby peach Bernat Pearlspun, a white baby dress with a cable that I may have started in my late 20s, and my old favorite, a baby blanket I started at age 19 in a pucker pattern I made up myself in a baby mint color. I also found Jeremy, the little boy I knitted so that I could have a son. He was the only one I ever had, so that may be why I never finished the baby blanket. Maybe I will finish it in time for it to be my lap blanket in my wheelchair in an old folks home someday. I came online looking to see if there were people who take on half-finished projects and found this forum.

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