Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!

Hi im new here.

Hey passionate knitters!

I just like spending time talking about knitting when I’m not knitting lol. I look forward to seeing your creativity, too, and to sharing tips and hacks that make us all better at what we love to do. :slight_smile:

I’m so happy to be here.



Welcome to all the new members: Kestrel81, San2, oramurphy, northpointevergeen, TigerLuv98, gotalottayarn, Amanda81, and dudeknitter.

Welcome to the knitting help forum.


Hi everyone my name is Debs, i have only just found this site…what a lovely site and really helpful.

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Hi everyone! I’m not new to knitting but I don’t knit very often and I tend to take on pretty ambitious projects that are probably above my proficiency level, so finding this forum is awesome because I often have a lot of questions about the project I’m working on. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this community.

Hey there,

My online name is The Lone Wanderer, but you can call me newbie, lol. I am newish to knitting; I tried to do it with my nan when I was younger, but it was all topsy turvery. As an antidote to the pandemic, I decided to take up knitting lest I turn itnto an alcoholic. Anyhow, I thank you in advance for all your help!


Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for this site I’m a new knitter and have my eyes set on making beautiful lace socks! I just posted my first thread with a couple of questions! Hope to hear from you experts soon! Happy knitting

Welcome wanderer.
Knitting is a great thing when drinking. When the stitches get confusing it is time to stop drinking. Lol


Welcome Abby.

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Hi - new here!
I’m in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, just a small, but beautiful, part of our global community.

I hadn’t knitted for 45 years until covid struck. With my kids overseas (Canada and US), with no way to get home, I needed something to steady my nerves and knitting has been just the thing. In the last six months I’ve knitted myself a corona cardigan; made a baby sleeping bag for a dear friend and started my ‘stitches of love’ for the kids I can’t see. For my daughter and my son’s partner, I have made lace shawls and I’ve made beanies in gradient wool for the boys. Just completed a slouchy beanie in Fair isle for myself. I’m so enjoying it and get some peace from the zen of knitting.

Happy to join you all, but I do have a number of questions that sit outside the mainstream. I’m not content with following patterns (I’m pretty radical in what I wear, despite being 66!) so I’m keen to play and experiment with yarn, even though I still consider myself a novice in the physics of knitting.

Looking forward to interactions with you
Meanwhile, warm wishes to you all and stay safe


Hello Susanne, Welcome to Knitting help!

I am from Vancouver BC Canada, I came here when I got stuck on a pattern and needed advice. This is a warm great place.

I too am stranded by distance from my kids and the knitting really does help keep me focused on a more positive note. Would love to see photo’s of your work. There is a forum for that too. I am presently working on two coats for my daughters. (https://www.bergeredefrance.com/coat-4.html) Though I love anything cable :smiley:

I hope you find this place a welcome refuge. Stay safe and hope to see you again soon


Hi everyone! Lenny here…I’m not new to this site, I just haven’t been knitting lately, but I am about to start again. And I’m starting with a lace scarf I knitted last year which I am going to give to someone who did me a great favor. I’ve just finished weaving in the ends and am about to begin the blocking. Knowing there are several ways to block I wanted to know which one was best for lace made of DK merino wool. So I went online.

I read something that is now bothering me. Supposedly, the original block is lost after the scarf has been washed and needs to be blocked again. Is this true? If so, how can I give a gift that needs that kind of attention just to be used? I tried to find more on the subject with various search terms, but couldn’t. This is really discouraging.

BUT…reality must prevail, so if someone can let me know if it’s true, I will be grateful…but not very happy, to say the least. And in case it matters, this lace pattern is not wide open - there’s more yarn than holes.

Thanks for any help you can give!!

Lynne, Susanne, Anne, and Lenny, welcome to Knitting Help.

G’day Suzanne from a nomad permanently on the road in a motorhome (except for the past six months, caught in rural Victoria). I hope you like it here - I do!

Hi, from Canada. I’ve just signed on and look forward to receiving the knitting help I so often need.

Hi there! I’m Sharon. Just wanna say thank you for this forum! I was so confused over a pattern that has a little misprint, and I was able to find the solution here. Yay!

I’m trying to teach myself to knit, and I may have selected a pattern too difficult for my skill level, but I’d like to give it a whirl anyway. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, right?

Here’s my pattern instruction:
K 2, place marker on needle; (on front loop of next st K 1, P 1, K 1; P next 3 sts tog) 3 times; place marker on needle, K 3, P 1, K 5, P 1, K 3, P 2, K 2, P 8, K 2.

The instructions in the parentheses and 3 times is what is confusing me. If I purl 3 sts together 3 times, will that reduce the number of sts on my needle by 6? This is an Aran Throw, and I don’t believe there should be any reduction of stitches since it’s squares.

Thank you very much. Any clarification will be tremendously appreciated.


I believe you’re making bobbles to start with, which are usually made starting by increasing a few times in one stitch - hence the P3tog to keep things even. The bit in parentheses looks like you’re making 3 bobbles in a row, then moving onto the next part.
What pattern are you doing?

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