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I’ve only just realised I’ve been posting on this site now for a little while but never introduced myself! Hi, my name is Jo. I live in Manchester, England. My mum taught me when I was around 8 years old (I’m now 54) but I had a long gap of around 16 years when I just fell out of love with it. I fell back in love with knitting around a year or so ago and have been knitting steadily since. Even though I’ve been knitting for a long time I’m still learning new things. In fact I didn’t finish my first sweater until about 9 months ago. Each time over the years that I knitted a sweater I would give the pieces to my mum and she would finish it off for me!!! I’m very proud of that first sweater I did all by myself from start to finish and now I try and tackle all sort of new techniques and if a pattern involves a technique I’ve never done before I just watch a few videos to tell me what I should be doing. The main reason though I love knitting is because there is something so magical to me about being able to make something you can wear using what is basically a thread and two needles and being able to make it to fit you perfectly.


Hi everyone…! I’m new to this site and am eager to learn more about knitting. First of, I am a Anna Patrice and I love arts and crafts. I am into crocheting and is trying my hands on knitting too. But I still find knitting too confusing:sweat_smile: I hope I will learn new things in this forum, especially knitting.
Happy knitting everyone. :grinning:


Welcome Jo_Hamlett and annaprtrice,
Wonderful to have you both and your experience with knitting or crochet. Thanks for joining us.

Hi, my name is Jayne. I am new to knitting, currently on my third project. First was a beanie, second project was a tiny sweater for a 4” tall stuffed bear, and now I am attempting to knit a sweater for myself. I’m enjoying my new hobby and hope to learn new skills and techniques along the way.



Wellcome to this wonderful group :smiley:

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Hello! I’ve been knitting for almost five years now, taught myself so I could take some of the burden of Christmas off our bank account. Started crocheting a few months later. Taught daughter to knit that summer, made her wait until she turned four, and at eight she has started learning to knit in the round as well as increases and decreases. Funny enough, I knit continental and she knits english, probably because I like to make things way more difficult then they have to be. I am a big fan of keeping politics and religion out of my knitting groups AND letting my daughter come with me when she wants and that has left me trying to find a new group every few months. Stumbled upon the forum when dealing with a mean old vneckline problem, and I kind of like it here! Hello all!


Hi I’m Agatha and I knit every day! I am trying a pattern that my niece wants me to make for her and came across an interesting part that has me stumped. Is this where I would ask the question so someone can help me move on?

Welcome Agatha,
Just create a new thread with your question and if possible, provide a link to the pattern as it will help us to answer the questions you might have.

Hi everyone! My name is Barbara, and I am pleased to meet you all here. I am knitting a jumper using Debbie Bliss Casmerino Aran shade no. 40, and I am running out of the wool. Does anybody have any spare locked away somewhere, so I could buy it? Or does anybody know where I should try to get this from? I am short about 2 balls. Thanks for your help.

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Hello and welcome! I am not having this yarn myself. I found out the hard way that it is not always so easy to buy the same kind of yarn as there might be a significant difference between batches even though both are marked as having the same color. Hopefully you will find a matching yarn!

Thank you, engblom. I have tried all over, and I think I got the last ball in the country, but still don’t have enough as the jumper is not knitting to the patern as expected.

Welcome to KH!
Have you searched Ravelry stashes? You can narrow the search by the color name or color family by using the boxes at the top of the search.

Even when the particular entry says “Not for Sale”, it’s worth checking as that is the default setting and it’s often left unset.

Thank you. I will have a look.

I’m Rose from USA. I had been looking for a forum like this one & am very pleased to have found it.
Thank You!


Welcome to the forum!

Hi Im Angela and new to the forum, this is a fantastic site which Im still getting accustomed to. My mum use to be my go to person but unfortunately i don’t have her to help me any more. I love knitting and want to continue learning.

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Hi i am really struggling in decreasing stitches atneck edge anmd then picking them up to knit it all endsup in a holey looking neck edge

Welcome to KH!
It may help to place the neck decreases one or two sts in from the neck edge. Alternatively, place them on the edge and pick up sts one column in from the edge.
What is the name of your pattern?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi I’m Pauline & new to this site. Site Looks quite good. I need help with a knitting question but can’t find where I’ve written it in draft (p.s. I’m worse on computer technology than I am with knitting) but not anywhere near perfect with that either.