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Hi, I’m new at this site. I’ve been knitting for about six years but still not very good. I try and tear up, or tink, then try again. I’m handicapped so can’t get out around people often, just learning by trial and error. Thanks to all of you for being here.


Welcome! Knitting is a bit of ripping back and then going forward again. Eventually it gets better but the tinking (or large scale ripping back) is never completely left behind. The important thing is to keep trying. We’ll all be happy to help with whatever you do.


Thank you!




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This is the completed coat from the pattern that I had difficulty in figuring out. It turns out that my counting was off - I should have worked over a multiple of 4 stitches to keep my pattern straight instead of 5 :slight_smile:


How elegant and lovely! Beautifully done.

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Loving this site! I’ve never needed help like this before, I can usually decipher strangely worded patterns myself just fine! I perused the already existing topics, found some helpful things, but none that answered my big questions so posted my own topic with the instructions looking for some insight and am just waiting for a reply!

Excited to have found a community of knitters!


Welcome to the forum!
We all run into those strangely worded patterns now and then. This is a good group for trying to figure them out. Glad to have you join us.


Hello guys, I love knitting and I’m thinking of getting this dog summer clothes as an example for my project because I think that pet likes to enjoy their warm summer days on the water that’s the reason why I joined this lovely community. :slight_smile:


Hello Franz,
Because of your nick I assume you are a male. I am also a male and I begun knitting because I wanted to also do something while my wife knits. Now I and my wife are able to spend time together while both of us are productive.

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Hi Im Angie and Im just a beginner really with basic knowledge but want to do better.


I am recently new to knitting! I also spin my own yarn!

Happy to be here :grinning:


Hi! Everybody ! I am new here and I am beginner. Please excuse my English which is second language. I just start to learn to knitting because I am knitting dog sweater for shelter senior dog for donate. I never thought that knitting is so fun!


Hi thank you for adding me to your site :+1:
Regards anita


Welcome one and all, Angie1306, Angie_Romanie, Flower12 and smallfry2755! Delighted to have you all in the forum.


thank you so much :+1: . Started knitting 40 yrs ago wasn’t that good lol , but packed it in due to carpal tunnel and a bit off artha in my hands :see_no_evil: put started again after all them years and enjoying it but still trying to remember things , so I might need people’s help lol


Hi my name is Bela and I am new to the site.