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Welcome to the forun!
Right side (RS) usually refers to the outside or public side of a garment like a sweater or a bag. The wrong side (WS) would be the side facing the body or private side.


Thank you!


Many thanks… I look forward to exploring… It looks a real good website. xx


Hi my name is Michele and I love knitting. I am looking for a copy of a Sirdar Funky Fur baby hat pattern 1542 anyone help please


Hi, I"m new to this site. I knit years ago and have picked it up again. Loving the chance to enjoy a color/texture project.


My name is Fern. Created my account this evening. Struggling new knitter. Looking forward to looking through the threads, and getting some help. I am a long-time crocheter, and have been teaching myself to knit. I think knitting is beautiful, and am amazed at some of the creations I have seen.


Hi. I used to be on this forum a long time ago. Maybe 8 years ago. I’ve since been working a lot and lost touch. I since got an on call position and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I picked up my needles and started back at it. I have four adult children, including a set of identical twins, and a 7 year old granddaughter. I live near Green Bay, Mr Rodgers’ Neighborhood, so we are always interested in making warm and practical items for the -40 temps here. Cindy


Cindy, welcome back!
I was hoping it was you returning. Glad that you’ve picked up the needles again too. It’s always good to see your projects.

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Hi! My name is Sandra and I’m new here. I was an avid knitter when my children were younger but gave up for about 10 yrs! I’ve started back up now that I have 2 grandchildren and I love knitting for kids. I’m a bit rusty but catching back on. Looking forward to sharing and meeting you all


Hi Sandra and welcome! Great that you’ve come back to knitting and grandchildren are one of the best reasons. We’ll all be happy to help if you need it.


Hello! Just joined this forum. I’m a Christmas stocking knitter at the moment - but I have made other things in the past.



Hi all I’m Janny, 28, Copenhagen:) I’m a student , i do love knitting and really hope it’ll be not only my passion, but my vocation. I love making my nearest and dearest happy so i often present some knitted things) I don’t really use any networks, but instagram and https://meetville.com/ . Nice to meet you all:)


Welcome Donna and JennyLi!
Happy that you both joined us. We all love knitting and crochet here so you should be right at home.
Hope you were happy with the finished Christmas stocking, Donna. We’d love to see a photo.


Hi, I’m interested in knitting, but I don’t know how to do it at all, I want to learn;)


There’s some good beginner videos at the top of the page under Free Knitting Videos. They’re a start. Googling “beginner knitting” will bring up more. It’s good to start with a light colored, medium weight yarn like worsted weight and size 8 needles.
If there’s a local yarn store or a craft store near you, they often have classes or knitting groups. Knitters are a pretty friendly group and they’d happily share their knowledge with you.
We’re always here to help out with questions, too.


I’m not really new to KH it has just been a long time since I’ve logged in so I had to start a new account. This has been my go to site for help and I can honestly say that I learned to knit from Amy! :grinning:
Thank s for all your help!


Hi, I am Diane and retired mom and wife. I really enjoy knitting and hope to participate actively in this forum. I’m sure I can learn a bunch so here goes.


Hi, I’m Polly,
I live in south west France (for the last 17 years!).
I have knitted for years, but the arrival of grandchildren has re-awakened my interest.
My main problem is that some technical terms don’t seem to exist here. Does anyone know what double knitting is here when buying wool?
I have a grandson of just over two and another (also a boy) due to arrive in July, so knitting has become a major part of my life again. In the past, I used to knit for grownups!
Please tell me about double knitiing here, if you know and when I find out, I’ll post it.
Happy 2019


Hi Polly and welcome to KH!
Double knitting or DK refers to a yarn weight. It’s usually about 22sts/4 inches.

(There’s also a kind of knit fabric called double knitting which hasn’t to do with buying yarn. it creates a double sided fabric.)