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Welcome to the forun!
Right side (RS) usually refers to the outside or public side of a garment like a sweater or a bag. The wrong side (WS) would be the side facing the body or private side.


Thank you!


Many thanks… I look forward to exploring… It looks a real good website. xx


Hi my name is Michele and I love knitting. I am looking for a copy of a Sirdar Funky Fur baby hat pattern 1542 anyone help please


Hi, I"m new to this site. I knit years ago and have picked it up again. Loving the chance to enjoy a color/texture project.


My name is Fern. Created my account this evening. Struggling new knitter. Looking forward to looking through the threads, and getting some help. I am a long-time crocheter, and have been teaching myself to knit. I think knitting is beautiful, and am amazed at some of the creations I have seen.


Hi. I used to be on this forum a long time ago. Maybe 8 years ago. I’ve since been working a lot and lost touch. I since got an on call position and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I picked up my needles and started back at it. I have four adult children, including a set of identical twins, and a 7 year old granddaughter. I live near Green Bay, Mr Rodgers’ Neighborhood, so we are always interested in making warm and practical items for the -40 temps here. Cindy


Cindy, welcome back!
I was hoping it was you returning. Glad that you’ve picked up the needles again too. It’s always good to see your projects.


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Hi! My name is Sandra and I’m new here. I was an avid knitter when my children were younger but gave up for about 10 yrs! I’ve started back up now that I have 2 grandchildren and I love knitting for kids. I’m a bit rusty but catching back on. Looking forward to sharing and meeting you all