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Hi Mary Lou and welcome!
Sounds like they’re describing 3 needle bind off. See if the video helps:


It worked! Thanks so much! I am now able to finish the slippers.


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Hi! I’m also a new subscriber. .A few years ago, being retired and relocating from Orange County, California to New Mexico, I didn’t have much of a social life since my friends were in O.C… and having worked pretty much most of my life I had a problem sitting and not doing anything nor using my brain!
I was advised one of my six grandchildren was having a baby boy. I learned basic knitting when I was around 15 so I decided I’d take up knitting again. I am so glad I did!
Since then two more grandchildren are giving me more Great Grandchildren. I’ve been knitting almost continuously for three years now… baby blankets, booties, hats, bibs. Scarves, hats for grandkids, even a queen size “365” blanket and several throws.
I’m not tooting my horn but…to let you know it’s never too late and letting you know knitting is calming and can lower your BP and stress.

All that GOOGLE has available has made it possible to learn so much!
Your site is one of those offerings and it is terrific. Whenever I need instruction or questions answered you’re there!
Being almost 82 I forget things now and then and you can refresh my memory. Not that my brain is failing :blush: there’s just too much info in there! HaHa
Thanks for being here for us!!! Up


Welcome, Ressa! Such kind words. Thank you from all of us.
It’s wonderful to take up knitting again and you had the best reasons for doing so. Glad to have you along with us.


Thank you!


Hi everyone! I am trying to help my mom, Natalie Volyanyuk, gain more followers on her Instagram account all about knitting. She wants to grow her knitting community, so if you have knowledge to share she will gladly follow you back. Her username is : _redheadnata. She is a very talented knitter and she is very devoted to the amazing practice. She is also on Ravelry (knitting communities website) under the user: redheadnata, so you can check out her projects. There are knit alongs and contests organized here. She has a podcast all about knitting on YouTube called: Tricitiesknit. There are giveaways :). If you took the time to read this, thank you so much!


Hi, I’m new here and so happy to find this site. Thanks for having me!

I’m currently working on my first cardigan having only previously made scarves and hats.
It’s a vintage pattern and I’ve already learnt a lot of new skils making it; I’ve knitted a pocket and a bird motif on the front. About half-way through the project now, and already thinking about what I’m going to be knitting next.

I found this site when I was searching the internet for the answer to two newbie questions ‘what does front edge of next row refer to’ and what does ‘every following fourth row’ mean exactly - I was able to search this forum to find the answer to both of these already. Fantastic :slight_smile:

Looking forward to spending my evening on this forum later.


Welcome to the forum, James_Houston!
Good for you for venturing out on your first cardigan. Sounds like you’re making great progress and that previous answers were able to help. Glad to have you join us.


I lived in Minnesota for many years, and among the things I learned from my mother was knitting. I knit sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats, socks, you name it. Then I moved to Texas, where the climate is warmer. Even in the winter the places I worked were usually kept too warm for me to be comfortable in a sweater, in fact short-sleeved shirts have suited me for years. During the winter I took to wearing sweats around the house, and my sweaters languished. I have to fess up that I outgrew them :frowning: I gave most of them away, but kept two that I particularly liked.

Recently I watched the whole “Shetland” series on TV, where the main character, and many others wear sweaters all the time. I started thinking about sweaters again, and about Irish fishermen’s sweaters in particular. I decided that I could wear a nice sweater around the house rather than sweats, but was unsatisfied with what’s out there to buy. So after 30 years, I decided to start knitting again.

I came across this site several times while searching various topics. I am looking forward to learning new techniques, and I love the idea of getting personal help from fellow knitters.


Welcome to the forum MN_Knitter_in_TX!
It’s so nice to be able to carry on a tradition you learned from your mother. Sounds like you have lots of wonderful experience in knitting.
Those Irish sweaters are gorgeous and intricate. I wonder if a cardigan would work as a compromise with the temperatures in Texas?


I have thought about cardigans, and they are on my list of possibilities. Right now a fisherman’s sweater would be perfect. It is 36 deg F, our high for the day, and I was just outside draining hoses and capping faucets because it will get down to 23 deg F tonight. It was 77 two days ago, so no sweater needed then.


Hello, I am Bessadina and I have signed up in a he hope of learning more about teading a pattern. I have started a cardi for the most wonderful husband -my hubby- but I seem to stumble at the first block: i knitted a sleeve twice, starting the 3rd atempt… no he is not an octopus, it must be me. Pattern is sirdar 8434 and i am doing the size 44… if anyone could put me out of my misery I would be very grateful! don’t know how many more sleeves I have in me…



I started knitting in the 1980s when an ex girlfriend taught me the basics. I soon became pretty much addicted, and started making jumpers for myself and my family. I love knitting Aran/cable styles, and complex patterns.

I recently completed a hat for myself after I failed to find one I liked in the shops. I’m currently knitting a scarf to match.

After I’ve completed the scarf, I’m thinking of trying a white and navy Scandinavian style hat on circular needles (I’ve never tried using circular or double pointed needles, so this will be a new challenge for me).


I’m back…

It’s been a super long time since I’ve been on here, life has gotten in the way. I got a new job, finally started renting my own place with my boyfriend and his younger brother, things have been super stressful recently so I’ve came back into knitting full force after stepping away from the needles for a long time.

I’m an avid sock knitter now and I will be casting on my first ever sweater later this month or early next month. I hope you all don’t mind me coming back to keep up with you guys.


Delighted to see you back!


How are you?! I’ve miss you guys


We’re just knitting and crocheting our way through the months. Good to have you along.


I have hope for the next year being one of the best ones yet and I’m super excited for a super secret project! I may be getting my dream job afterall!


Hello, and thank you for hosting this forum. My mom taught me to knit as a child, but I haven’t read a knitting pattern since I was 16. Over the years I’ve collected beautiful yarn from different places I’ve traveled, so now that I’m several decades older I want a new challenge. Knitting sweaters takes me back to those places. I’m grateful that there are people willing to answer my re-newbie questions.