Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!


Welcome to the forum!
Knitting is a wonderful way to relax and relieve stress and anxiety. Glad that you enjoy it and that you found us here.


Hi jod, welcome. I am always working on multiple crsfts st thr same time. In fact i am working on 2 shawls, a baby sweater, a dog sweater and two cross stitches aprons of kitty cats for xmas. So you will fit right in here.


Hi Frances. Welcome to the group! :slight_smile:


I. KHi everyone…


I hope I’m in the right spot I’m not new to knitting but still have a lot to learn and feel terribly slow. I do have a specific question which is the main reason I joined (altho’ I do see other questions that will probably help me also!) – I’m not sure where to ask a question so will poke around a bit – Looks like a good site to get answers! BTW, I live Kerrville, Texas, which explains my name.


Hi Ggknits1 and kerrtx. Welcome to KH! It’s great to have knitters of all levels of experience. We’re all learning here.


Absolutely i have been knitting for years and have learned many new things since I joined the group. Glad to have you aboard…


Hi all.

I am new to this site. My name is Sandra and I live in the Midlands, UK.

Recently retired and a knitter all my life. I hope to also pick up some tips on crochet so that I can get back into it. I also do watercolour painting and quilting, when i have the time.

A mother of 3 children and 4 grand children.

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes

Sandra x


Welcome to Knitting Help, Sandra! Great to have another knitter and crocheter here!


Welcome, nice to have you aboard


Hi. I’m happy to meet everyone. I’ve only been knitting since last year and still have trouble with some stitches. Still have trouble ripping my stitches too. But, I’m learning. Hope to get to know everyone.


Welcome to KH and to knitting!
There’s just so much to learn. We’re all finding out new things every day. Good to have you join us.
Here’s a nice video about tinking sts in case that helps.


Thank you. Although, everything I know now I learned on YouTube.
I had a project last year, a hat, that called for an unusual stitch. I went to YouTube, but still couldn’t figure out what the pattern was saying as opposed to the videos. So, I gave up on it. But, hope there are people here that can explain the snaffoos in patterns like that. For example, maybe, I was misunderstanding the way it was written.


We’ll all be happy to try and help. If you can give us pattern names or links to patterns, that’s always a good start. We can’t post more than a few lines of a pattern here due to copyright restrictions.


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I am new to this site. I am a senior and have been knitting since my 20’s, but primarily baby afghans, hats( both as gifts and for hospitals), Andy afghans for family and recently a lap Afghan for wheel chair bound veteran. My experience is varied from self instruction with books and internet, and weekly classes for about 6 years tackling projects new to me.
I am hoping to learn from members about different yarns,
projects, and to be able to direct problems I may be having. I have been a member of Ravelry for several years also. Looking forward to a new experience.


Looking forward to hearing from you


Hi Amy,

I’m Madge.
I live in North lincolnshire
I’ve been knitting for quite a few years, but I’m fairly new to computer’s and this is the first forum I’ve come across that I wanted to sign up with. I’m looking forward to browsing the site.
Can you tell me how to post a question? I have some Eyelash DK yarn and I’d like some ideas for making something other than scarves
Yours Madge.


Hi Madge! I’m glad you found your way in and have posted on this thread! Welcome!

I just edited the first post on this thread, in response to the questions you sent me. It now has instructions on how to post a question (as well as how to sign up, which you’ve already figured out.). To get to the first page of this thread, don’t try scrolling back page by page, that would take all day, since this is our longest thread! Instead click on the scroll bar on the right side, up where it says Nov. 2004, the beginning of the thread. Or click on the title of the thread, which I think also will start you at the beginning.

Glad to have you here!


I joined because I wanted to :heart: a reply on a fiber identification question. I’d googled burn test.
then I spent half an hour with the discobot lol.

currently knitting two socks on two circs top down, thinking about using Valknits’ shaped heel and instep pattern but