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Hi. I’m feeling a little confused. I think I have registered. I get your emails and enjoy the site a lot. I’d like to ask a question but can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks.


Hi Susy and welcome! You can post a question by clicking on the 3 lines to the left of the fuchsia circle with the S in the upper right of the page. Choose Latest and click on the +New Topic button Just below the fuchsia circle. You can then choose a category and post a question or comment.


Hi, I’m Brazilian and I love knit I have knitted sinçe 2007. Sorry but my English is not very well. I read English patterns but sometimes I don’t understand. I’m 59th years old and live in Brazil. In 2014 I went to Chicago to participate Vogue Knitting. It was very cool.
Thank you.


Welcome, Emilia! It’s great to have you join us. We all love knitting or crochet and sometimes both. Your English is wonderful. We’ll be happy to help you with patterns. They can be difficult to interpret not matter which language.


Thank you for your incentive. Thank you.


Yes hi Emilla welcome to our home away from home. No matter how experienced we are there is always a time when a pattern confuses us. So feel free to ask us anything. Hope to hear from you soon.


Welcome from a fellow Texan!


How do I register?


Hi Lesty_Levy and welcome!
If you can post on the forum, you should be registered already. Glad to have you here with us.


Did my post get posted? It’s so unclear as to how to even post.

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Lesty, Levy What is that all related to? This is a knitting/crochet site!!! Do you have a question you want to post?


My name is Sonya and I found this site on Google. I am looking for a discontinued yarn. Redheart Medley 952 stained glass. I need 8 skiens. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could use instead?


Thank you - I am an ‘old’ knitter … both in years and interest. I still ask the ocassional question - this one is a new one for me. I have a pattern which suggests do a ‘back and forth’ do they means knit/purl?


Usually it means to knit flat rather than join to knit in the round. You do see this when a pattern (maybe a blanket) calls for circular needles. The designer wants to make sure that you turn at the end of the row rather than knit a tube.
Which pattern are you making? Can you give us the pattern name?


I am an absolute novice, never knitted before. I can cast on, knit, and purl, and I completed a practice square. I am now longing to create something useful. I bought five one- pound skeins:. 3 dark blue and one each of ivory and beige. Is it possible to make an (easy) sofa blanket by using circular needles and using one color after another? I think I should have figured this out first! Thank you for any help/ suggestions; my name is Maggie.


Hi :wave:Thanks for the add. I’m still a novice knitter. Recently picked up a project I’ve been working on for 4 years (young child in picture!) I’m amazed how well I actually did. Thankfully I left it at the stage where I just need to rib up a big old neck & then join it up. I’ll pop a pic up when done, (although don’t hold your breathe :grimacing:)! Need to RE-stop smoking & not eat! Found this site when I was looking for help on “picking up a dropped edge stitch” :scream::scream::scream:. Learnt so much already, probably all the simple stuff that gets taken for granted. :kissing_heart:


Hi jod and welcome! Good for you for taking up and unfinished project. We’d love to see a photo.
It seems like there’s something new here every day, some new technique or kind of knitting or crochet pattern. Lot’s of fun.


Hi- just found this forum when I was looking for something to read while I knit. I have been knitting for many years and love all sorts of crafting. I have knitting ADD so I currently have 4 projects going for Christmas and just decided I needed to knit a scarf for a Halloween grab-bag. Hoping to get to know you all on this forum!


Welcome to the forum!
You’re in good company. There are many here with multiple projects on the needles. Glad that you joined us.


Hey. Newbie knitter here. :slight_smile: I started knitting to help with my anxiety and now I’m learning to really like it. So far I’ve done two beanies and a tie. Just started a blanket.