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Hi Frances welcome aboard!


Hi! My name is Carla and I am pretty new to knitting. Look forward to learning more and finding friends !


Hi Carla

You will meet lots of people and will have lots of people to expand your knowledge. Welcome aboard!


Nice to meet you Carla, welcome😀


Hi! I’m not a new knitter, but am self-taught so I usually have a question, & not many friends around who can help me.
Biggest question today is:
I have to cast on 200 stitches, I don’t want to get to 175 and run out of “tail” to CO with… I saw a book that said to allow 16 inches of tail for every 20 sts. Do you think that is accurate? Or is there some formula depending on the size of needle, weight of yarn etc?


Hi Jaynez and welcome!
I haven’t seen that formula but you could try casting on ~20sts, mark the beginning and end of the yarn used, undo the cast on and measure how much yarn it took for the 20sts. Ten times that plus an extra foot or so should give approximately the right amount of yarn.
For a surefire method however, Use 2 ends of yarn either from 2 balls of yarn or 2 ends from the same ball.


Hi, I am presently living in Jordan. I am from Germany. I am a self taught knitter and I still have a lot to learn. At present I am knitting squares, learning new stitch patterns from Studio Knit on You Tube. One day I would like to knit a picture.
I love knitted toys and never can resist buying another knitting book with knitted toy patterns.


Welcome to KH!
You’ve brought your knitting along on your travels. That’s wonderful. Glad to have you join us.


Hi! I’ve just taken up knitting again after a 20 year “vacation!” The pattern I’m trying is a lace that increases by K,P,K,P “all in the first st.” Huh? Do I move the worked stitch to the right needle and then back to the left? Strange and confusing…thanks so much in advance!


Welcome to KH and welcome back to knitting!
Here’s a video for K,P,K,P all in one stitch.

If you don’t want the bulk creased by the purl sts you can substitute a yarn over for the purl sts. (K, YO,K,YO).
What pattern are you making?


It’s called “lace with a twist.” It’s a cowl from a Leisure Arts book. It’s a 25-row pattern. Pretty, but I might have to put Excedrin on my shopping list! Thanks for your help!


(We almost all have experience with Excedrin patterns.)
Maybe this one.

Very delicate and pretty. Enjoy knitting it!


Hi Amy, Obviously this is my first visit to this site. I found you by a Google search of 'yarn allergies". I have been crocheting for years. Just started a Sea Turtle Blanket for my daughter-in-law and find I am suddenly allergic to the yarn. Red, itchy eyes. Ophthalmologist gave me a prescription which I was also allergic to. It appears lanolin is my new enemy.
My question is: I was using Red Heart acrylic yarn when the problem began. Is there any way to find out what ingredients are in an acrylic yarn? Also, I’m about 1/3 through the afghan. Any suggestions as to how to maybe salvage the rest of the yarn so I could use it? Thanks so much. kathy2


Hi from Texas. I just found this forum. Knitter since 1963, crocheter 1972.

Looking forward to having fun and knitting.



Welcome aboard dangktty. Hope to hear from you soon. By the way how did the storm impact you? Hope you and your family are safe.


Kathy2 sorry to hear about your allergy, didn’t think anyone was allergic to acrylic. Did you try googling acrylic allergies, there is a whole listing of various issues with acrylicyarns.


Hi, thanks for being so welcoming! I am an experienced knitter, but since I taught myself (50 years ago) I have many things still to learn! I am a New Zealander, a midwife and an avid knitter! My hands feel lost if I don’t have something on the go (or several!).


Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Sounds like you have lots of experience. Happy to have you join us.


Thank you! I learned to knit when I was four years old, but it took a long time until I learnt how to case off etc! I have knitted lots of different things, but never learned how to design patterns, which would be great to learn. I’m looking forward to being part of this knitting community!


There are some wonderful books about designing sweaters. Ann Budd has particularly nice ones which gives directions for various kinds of sweaters. It’s a good starter for designing you own.

You might even find one or two in you public library.