Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!


YETH ! - I remember you, salmonmac !!!
I an so happy to be among (?) familiars,
Thanks for your most civil welcome, my dear ! :heart_eyes:


Hi paperbluecat (Erin), and welcome to the forum! I am on Ravelry too, and I have always wanted to try Fair Isle. Did you find Fair Isle easy or hard to learn? Happy knitting to you too!


Thank you poet knitter! It’s great to be here. I see myself as a beginner in this area, so I would qualify my response with “I’m still learning!” But, no, I think if you can carry colours and follow a chart it’s totally doable. And there is so much expertise in this community that you would have tons of support, I’m sure.
I took it one step further to start learning a few things about designing sweaters, and so chose some fair isle motifs on my own (from the newish resource: 200 Fair Isle Motifs) rather than go with an existing pattern. I’ll post the link here in case anyone is interested. https://www.amazon.ca/200-Fair-Isle-Motifs-Directory/dp/1596684372/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1502384176&sr=8-2&keywords=fair+isle+knitting

What do you like to knit?


You’re welcome, and thank you.

I like to knit dishcloths, coaster sets, scarves, and socks. I sell some of my things in craft shows in my area. I am also wanting to knit other things too, like afghans, sweaters, gloves, mittens, doll clothes, and hats.


Hi thanks for the ad, I look forward to getting to know you all.


Hi Everyone. Have been a long time knitter and am thrilled to have found your site. Would like to register. Thanks Debbie


Hi Debbie,
Welcome to the forum! You will find it a useful source of information, and a wonderful group. You can also share pictures of your projects on there for everyone to see. Good luck with registering!

poetknitter (Alicia)


Welcome to the forum, Debbie!
You’re set to go and registered already. Great to have another knitter join us.


Hi Debbie nice to have another knitter joining thr ranks of the rest of us. You will find we are very helpful when you get stuck on understanding a pattern or just want to share your newest project.


Hello dear thanks so much but how do I register? I have lots of questions for the people on this forum. I thought my self knitting and am doing my very first real pattern reading and am not finding it easy. Please teach me how to register. Thank you


If you go to the top of the page and click on “Latest”, you’ll see a list of recent categories. Open General Knitting, How-to, or Pattern Central and click on the “New Topic” button in the upper right. You can post your questions in the reply box.


medium ability knitter … now with grandchildren so the needles have come out again… struggling with a pattern so I will post on diferent thread… forum is bit tricky to understand so I hope I am doing it right.
Live in Berkshire, with my two cats.


think I have just posted in reply to a 2014 thread… good job knitting is better than computer skills




Welcome to the forum! To reassure you, you have posted your introductory post in the Welcome forum, which is for new members to introduce themselves, so you are doing it right.

Good luck with getting help figuring out the pattern you are struggling with!


my dear I have still not seen the new topic section. please is there
anything am not doing right


Let’s see if this helps.
Capture smallest

Get to this forum view by clicking on the 3 parallel lines (the menu button) which are in the upper right between the magnifying glass and the avatar, in your case the A in the lavender circle.
Directly under the menu button is the rectangle with “+ New Topic”. Click that and a Reply box will open. You can then fill in the category that you wish to post in (General, How-to, Pattern Central).


ooops my bad i had not logged in and i was asking for directions. sorry now
i logged in and i can now post my questions. thank you for the patience.
am grateful dear!


Terrific! Glad you’ve got it solved.


Hi everyone iam Frances new to this site looking forward to knitting with you