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I’d try something like US5-7 needle or even larger depending on how tightly you knit. Try a couple of sizes on a swatch just to see the fabric you prefer.
Yes, since you’re using heavier weight yarn, you won’t need as many sts for a given width. You can stop whenever you like the measurement since this is knit from the narrow end to the wider.


Thanks once again; I will try that today. If I’m not thrilled, off to Koigu
I go!
Thank you,


Thanks for finding the comments for the pattern. I’d forgotten that they have them on their website.


Okay, how/where do I register???


Register for the KH forum? Since you’re posting, you must already be registered. Or is it for something else?


Welcome to the forum! Good luck with the pattern!


Thank you so very much. That’s very good advice just watch both. Thank you
again for your help. Janet


Thank you so much; I am thrilled to be here!


You’re welcome, Janet! :slight_smile:


Oh boy did I get behind in here! Welcome everyone !! Please look around at the different forums/categories and ask for help if you need it. :slight_smile:


hi salmonmac ,I just see your name often so I wanted to ask you how do I ask what I want on this site what do I click on? I know its it -reply but I don’t see where. Thank you for helping me.


Where do I ask for help? thank you


Up at the top of this page are three bars. Click on them and under categories click on how to questions then on click new topic at the top and post your question I hope this helps. :grinning:


I’m sorry ,I don’t know anything about it. it must be a mistake.


Hello! My name is Erin, and I am super happy to be here. I found your site after looking for some help with short rows when I was doing them for the first time and was so grateful for the help and awesome resources! I am Canadian, 49, and used to knit really a lot in high school and in my twenties, and am returning to it again in my late forties. There is so much I am interested in learning and discussing! I knit mostly sweaters, although have a couple of afghans in the works. I would put myself in the obsessed with knitting category as I find it very meditative and love its restorative, mindful energy. I joined Ravelry, and get yarn from Knitpicks and also Briggs and Little on the east coast, or Romni Wools in Toronto. I have done colour work and cables, and lately have been knitting a lot of DK cotton sweaters. I just designed a fair isle sweater with the colour work on the bottom of the body and sleeves. Hello everyone and happy knitting!


Hello paperbluecat (Erin). I also knit sweaters especially infants, children and females. The one thing I have never tried is a fairs isle pattern. I have been knitting for years but have never mastered the art of working various colors throughout the pattern. Maybe if i get up the nerve to try you could help me. Happy knitting to you too.


Hello Trish:

Nice to ‘meet’ you! Thank you for the welcome, and I am happy to help you in any way I can: fair isle knitting looks intimidating, but is not! I found choosing the colours harder than the actual knitting, since you are only ever working with 2 colours at a time.


Thanks Erin i will be sure to give you a shout out when i am ready to tackle it.


I believe I know you of old, Amy: I’m quite sure it was this forum I was using several (many ?) years ago, when I lived in Sydney. I was given a great deal of help, and that’s a fact !

Now in my 70s, now living in a suburb of Geelong in Victoria, now a published author - a memoir of the wonderful life I had with my beloved husband, before he died at 68. Still the mother of Lui the enormous marmalade mog. Still learning about knitting - and crochet. Now able to do brioche - but haven’t yet learned the intricacies of decreasing and increasing to create wonderful patterns. Loving Tunisian crochet. Have just yesterday discovered double crochet - will get onto that r.s.n.

Wot else …? Nuffing. :sunny:


Welcome back M-R!

Congratulations on the new book. That’s wonderful news
Sounds like great progress is knitting and crochet too. You’ve accomplished some very nice techniques along the way. Good to hear from you again.