Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!


Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the expected grandchild!
You’re in good company here. We lcve to knit and love to knit for children and grandchildren and just about anybody else.
I’m always fascinated by how much the knitting terminology has changed over the years. Vintage patterns can be a puzzle but collectively we at least try to solve them.
Glad to have you join us.


Hello, I am Anita and I’ve been knitting for many years. I just bought a pattern and after looking at it more closely I see that the model is wearing a long sleeved shirt. Then I saw that the fiber is 95 % wool. Is it likely going to be too itchy / scratchy to wear against the skin?


I’m never exactly sure what to say in an introduction. I’m a grandma and great-grandma many times over. I’ve been knitting since I was maybe 5 years old. My grandmother taught me to knit. She put me on her lap put the needles in my hand and guided them. I can still feel her arms around me when I knit. Hubby and I are vendors at craft shows so a lot of my knitting is making inventory for our booth.

Thank you for letting me join you.


Thanks Amy. I’m brand new to knitting and I’m finding it additive! I don’t know much but I’m sure having fun. My first project is a scarf…really easy pattern. I started it a week ago. It’s not perfect but I think it will be nice. Because my husband and I travel full time I’m going to rely on your site to help me figure out my knitting journey. Looking forward to learning.



Welcome Anita, Filhusker02 and Jane! It’s wonderful to have knitters here with all levels of experience. Glad to have you all join us.


I’m excited to find this site! I would consider myself an advanced beginner after two years of knitting. I love finding new patterns and exploring all the luscious yarn options out there. Looking to find a balance of challenge and doable so I can grow my skills with each project. I spend winters in Phoenix and summers in Park City, UT in the mountains. I love to explore knit shops wherever I go. Still make tons of mistakes, but continue to learn from all the amazing knitters out there!



Vintage patterns ate beautiful aren’t they? I have quite a few that i have collected over the years and many of them are free


Where is the register link?


Hi, (✿◠‿◠) I’m a grandmother from Australia. I’m arthritic now, but perservere.


Very admirable! That’s what my Grandmama did–despite her arthritis, she kept on with all her crafts until her eyesight was too degenerated for her to see what she was doing. She was better than 90 when that happened. I thank her for teaching me how to knit, crochet and tat.


Welcome to the forum, Ann! I was also born in December. Good luck with your new grandchild!


Hi there - yes my other daughter was born in December - love winter babies too - thank you for connecting with me xxx


You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy it here. :slight_smile:


Well, Hello! I don’t know why I’m just now finding this place but it looks lots of fun! My name is Megan and I live with my husband and 3 teenage daughters in Indiana and I LOVE to knit! I’ve been knitting for about 30 years and more recently picked up spinning, crochet and quilting. I also work full time at a nation-wide chain pharmacy and am starting a part-time business with Primerica, and I’m seriously thinking about writing a book! Yes, I’m busy, yes I have lots of irons in the fire and I’m good with that. Meanwhile…onward knit!


Hello All, My name is Camye and I am a crocheter for over 50 years. My grandmother taught me to crochet lace edges around hankies and pillow cases when I was about 10 years old. Now I do mostly blankets, shawls, hats, baby things, baskets, doilies, mittens, scarves, and the occasional garment. Crocheting is my stress relief, thinking time, prayer time, and enjoyment.


Welcome to our forum. I am basically a knitter but i do indulge in crocheting in the areas of blankets, shawls and baby and toddler wesr.


Hello! I am new to your forum, and am thrilled to be part of your site. I have a question: I am making Arabian NIghts shawl by Drops Design which I found as a free pattern on Ravelry. The pattern has a repeat of four rows and reads:
Row 2: Knit all stitches
Row 3: K2tog loosely, K until 1 st remains, 1 YO and 1 K1
Row 4: Knit all stitches
Row 5: (and this is my problem row) Work until 2 st remain, 1YO, 1K1, 1 YO, 1 K1

On Row 5, when it reads ‘work until…’ does it mean to just K all stitches until 2 remain, or does it mean to follow Row 3 where you begin by K2tog loosely.

I’m not sure of how to begin Row 5. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you so very much. I’m thrilled that this forum exists.


Welcome, Janet. I looked at the pattern on both ravelry and the garn studio website. It’s a very pretty shawl. The photos they have on either site don’t show very clearly how row 5 should be worked. My best suggestion would be to make 2 swatches of about 20 rows of the pattern. One with the K2tog and the other without. See which one has the shaping you want and work the shawl with that method.

It reminds me of a scarf I made a few years ago that got started and frogged at least 10 times before I was happy with how it looked.


Hi and welcome!
Yes, from the projects on Ravelry, it looks like knit row 5 up to the last 2 sts.

Some gorgeous color combinations used in the projects. What yarn are you going to use?

ETA: The question is actually answered by Drops in the Comments section.

"Dina Sherwood 19.06.2015 kl. 20:55:
On row 5, the pattern says to work until last two stitches. What do you mean by “work”? Do you just knit to the last two stitches? Or do you k2tog for the first two stitches like on row 3?
DROPS Design 20.06.2015 kl. 11:23:
Dear Mrs Sherwood, on row 5 you knit all sts until 2 sts remain on needle and finish row with 1 YO, K1, 1 YO and K1. Happy knitting! "


Thank you so much for that help! I really appreciate it; I’m practicing on
a DK weight but am going to purchase Koigu PPM for the shawl. I love the
colors in the DK, and it matches an outfit that I have perfectly, but it’s
a bit heavy weight. Going up a few needle sizes might help, and the pattern
calls for fingering yarn and a larger needle.

If you were to use DK on this, what needle size would you go up to?
If I were to do this, I would make it fewer than the 200 stitches before BO
as it would be much too big, correct?

Thanks again, so much!
Janet in NY