Welcome to the KnittingHelp forum! ...Introduce yourself!

Hi, everyone! I’m a new knitter and new to the forum! I’ve been crocheting for a couple of years but decided to try knitting. So far, I’ve made some scarf and several baby hats, and am working on my first adult hat. I’m thoroughly enjoying my new hobby and have been reading a lot of posts to this forum . I have no doubt I’ll be coming here for advice and help!

Welcome to knitting and to KnittingHelp!
So great to be able to crochet and knit. They both procuce beautiful results and compliment each other very effectively.
Good to have you as part of the forum, too.

hello my name is Lucia and i wish i found the forum when i first stared knitting but here i am now

I’m an older mother of two youngsters; eldest is in Kindergarten. I knit, crochet, spin, cross stitch etc when I have time!

Welcome Lucia and YarnFumes! Good to have you and your experince in knitting, crochet and more on the forum.

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Hi, I used to participate in these forums, but then got hooked on quilting for a few years. Decided to knit a blanket for a new nephew, and was reminded how nice it was to knit while watching TV. I live Southern Indiana, in the metro Louisville (KY) area.

Still frustrated that I can only knit one way (continental) and I still hold my yarn weird! I’d like to try Fair Isle but think I need to learn how to use both hands.

Welcome, Joe.

Welcome back!
Using both hands for fair isle or stranded knitting is very useful and efficient but you don’t necessarily have to work that way. I’d say, give it a try and see if another method works for you or use it as a way to learn two-handed stranding.

Hi everyone - I’ve tried knitting and crocheting a couple of times in the past but with 10 thumbs and zero patience, I gave up on it. The darn things would never come out square or even. haha.

A video of arm knitting got my attention so I went and bought some yarn, now I’m going to give it another try the regular way and I’ll probably be coming to this forum often for help. :slight_smile:

Welcome! We’ll be happy to try to help. It does take a bit of patience, like anything else new but it’s worth the initial effort.
How did the arm knitting go?

Just found you all thanks for having me. Looking forward in learning some tips to make me a better knitter xx

Welcome Emmajane! Thanks for joining the forum. We’re all trying to learn from each other and be better knitters so you have lots of company.

Thank you Looks like I have come to the right place to polish my skills

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Hi I’m Linda and just started knitting again after many many years and. I’ve just done second sleeve of baby cardigan and noticed the cuff on one is shorter than the other is it possible to undo from the bottom ??

Yes I came here a lot when I was learning to knit .

Hi Amy,

My name is Carola. I’m not sure how to post a question. I have started a Debbie Bliss pattern (Cashmere Collection - Cabled Jacket) and am having some difficulty with the instructions. I’m a fairly experienced knitter, but am utterly confused by parts of the pattern. Debbie Bliss actually corrected a part of this pattern on their website, but I’m still having difficulty. I’ve never used this website and am not sure how to request help with a pattern.

Hi Carola and welcome!
You can go back to the main page and click the +New Topic button in the upper right. Choose a category (How-to is a good one) and post your question in the Reply box. If you can quote a line or two that’s giving you trouble, that’ll help. Not the whole pattern please as we run into copyright problems.

Hi. I’m Caroline.
I’ve been knitting for about ten years. Just found out about this forum, so I’m off to look around and explore!

Hi, I’m Carol, I’m knitting a top down raglan sweater on circular needles. The top is done flat on circular needles but the body and sleeves are done in the round. The top half stitches (flat) look bigger than the bottom half(round) Since I didn’t change the needle size, it must be a tension problem. Any ideas on how I can improve?

Hi Sandra and welcome to the group! :slight_smile: Also, congratulations on your granddaughter!