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Those too, mullerslanefarm (felter, tatter)… Last bit of tatting I did was a simple edge to a dress for my younger sister’s wedding, using blue linen thread and gold-coloured glass beads. Felting was a rainbow-coloured (commercially prepared merino & white Jacob fleece on very fine netting) nuno-felted stole.
Still trying to work out the Sontag because it came out a lot smaller than I expected, so I’m having to adjust the ‘body’ size before I knit on the edge in off-white lambswool. Just finished a little neck scarf, knitting with the same combo of turquoise merino and dark blue mohair, with picot cast-on and bind-off (newly learnt!), using German rib and knitting in buttonholes (never done that before), now managed to find 3 suitable buttons to finish that off. I’m on a roll. :slight_smile: Fibrecraft is awesome.

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You have been busy! We’d love to see photos if you’d care to post some. Sounds like wonderful projects.

I always try to be busy; because I suffer from M.E., I do a lot of sitting, and when I do I like to keep my hands busy. I haven’t sewn the buttons on the neck thing yet, but when I have, I’ll post a pic. :slight_smile:

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Not sure what you mean by “HT” ??


Thank you so very much for replying. It is welcome and is why I joined the site; it’s certainly not butting in. I was interested to read that you hold your right needle under your arm, for me it’s the left needle, exactly the opposite. So it was also interesting to read that you hold your yarn in the right hand, mine is always in the left, very much how I crochet. Your comment regarding the method to use the circular needles is fascinating and since it is how I crochet, feeding the yarn through my left hand, the method should be easy for me. I’m going to give it a try and see how I do. I’ll let you know.

I’ll look forward to hearing how you get on.

Hi all; my name is Sandra and I’m from Alberta, Canada. I’m mom to three grown kids, 2 married daughters and a son who lives with Down’s Syndrome who lives in a group home. Dh & I are also first time grandparents to a beautiful grand daughter, 18 months old. I work as an educational assistant with grade 8 students. I love to knit, crochet, scrapbook and other paper crafts. Looking forward to getting to know everyone

@Haggisman, HT = Homesteading Today

Hi Sandra and welcome! Sounds like you have lots of wonderful experience in knitting, crochet and more. I’ll bet you’ve had fun knitting and crocheting for your new granddaughter. Congratulations.!

thank you for the warm welcome. Yes I’ve done made quite a few things for her as well as the grandpups.

Happy to find this site! I’m a knitter and love all the ideas and support I manage to glean from fellow knitters.

Welcome GailS!
Always happy to have another knitter join us.

Welcome @GailS and @Sandra_Bradbury!!

I am a fairly new knitter and need to get some help with unknitting a right twist stitch. could someone please tell me how to do that, I am just making a dishcloth.

Welcome! Just pull it out carefully and slip the stitches back on the left needle. You can use your right thumb and index finger to hold the stitches below if it worries you.

Thank you for the warm welcome

Well, I’ve been here about a month and I haven’t properly introduced myself.

I’m Emily (Metylda is my SCA name). I live in Tyler, TX with my 16yo son. I have another son who is almost 21. I also have 6 cats. Oddly enough, they only mess with my knitting when it is spread out flat (for blocking, drying, measuring and things like that). I’ve been knitting, crocheting, and tatting since I was 8. I’ve also been interested in bobbin lace, spinning and dying; but I haven’t had a chance to learn.

I am currently in school trying to finish my degree in Music Education. It suddenly hit me about 2 years ago that I had put my education on hold to raise my wonderful boys. Matt was already 19 and Dakota 15…I think I’ve got them pretty much raised. So when homework (or concerts or recitals) looms over my head, everything else takes a backseat. But when I can, I love to knit.

Most recently, I finished a scarf with the “woven cables in relief” on both sides (knitted as a tube), the Klein bottle/Pi hat, 3 pairs of socks, and a shawl with the TARDIS on it. If I ever get the shawl blocked, I can take a pic of it to post. Just before the start of the semester, I started on my most daring project–a replica of the season 12.5 Doctor Who scarf. I am nearly done with it and then the knitting bag gets put away until May.

Emily, you are one busy woman. Thanks for posting the photo of the Dr, Who scarf which is gorgeous. We’re glad you joined the forum. All the best with finishing up you degree!

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I think I’m now registered, but don’t know how to post a question. Can you help please?


Hi Caroline56 and welcome!
Good to have you join us. To post a question, go to any of the headings ( latest, new, etc.) at the top of the page. On the right is the +New Topic button. Click that and fill in a category then post your question or comment. Hit Reply to add to the forum.