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Welcome Melissa! Great to have you on board!

JAK, I’ve only heard of the hot-water (even boiling water) method. You could try posting the Q in its own thread to get more feedback. Good luck!



yay! I know the answer to this one! try boiling water , give them a good tug to straighten, and then instead of balling them up in your knitting bag, either make or buy a hanging circ needle holder. That will keep them straight and un-kinky while you’re not using them. There’s a pattern in Stitch and Bitch for a holder, and [http://www.knitpicks.com/lobby.asp?WCI=Item_Display&itemid=80028]here’s a link[/http://www.knitpicks.com/lobby.asp?WCI=Item_Display&itemid=80028] if you just want to buy one… or just check it out and make your own. I didn’t follow a pattern when I made mine, and it was still easy, you just need minimal sewing skills (ie. you can cut fabric and and sew a striaght line… you mnight not even need a sewing machine, you could use that fusible webbing stuff)
Gee I hope I put that link in right!


opps apparently I didn’t … here it is again http://www.knitpicks.com/lobby.asp?WCI=Item_Display&itemid=80028

Amy, thank you so much for creating this site, and especially the videos! I was trying to use books, but I just couldn’t figure things out from the still pictures. Your explanations and videos are just what I needed. You’re a wonderful teacher!


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Welcome JudyB! Thanks for the nice words! :slight_smile:

Thanks Hildegard for that info!


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Amy, you’ve created a great site for knitters, thank you so very much. I am very happy to have found this place!

Welcome Licensed2Cook! :slight_smile:


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I hope it’s not a dumb question - just want to know. I assume so, but if I’m wrong… :?

Welcome LauraT!

Lots of folks ask that. Sorry, you can’t play the CD in the TV’s DVD player. I’m working on a DVD though. Not sure when it will be out; stuff keeps coming up and pushing that project back! Hopefully by the Spring!!!

Amy :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to purchase the DVD! I’m desperate to make socks this year.


Come knit some socks with us at the knit along. A couple of us haven’t started yet, and most are beginners. It’ll be great fun!

Knit Along

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well, i’ve never been involved in a knit-a-long, but I guess it’s what I need to get me to actually START a project!

Hey, I have 2 uncles in Toronto, but I guess that’s a long way from you.

I was just informed about the KNITPICKS.com website. Good yarn that’s affordable, too. Their self-patterning sock yarns look great!


what do I do to sign up and do I need to make regular postings of my progress?


Look for foldedbird and PM her or email her. You can find her by looking through the memberlist. She also stops by this site quite a bit, so maybe she can make a post and help set you up. Here’s the blog site for the knit along:

Knit Along

It has the link for the site that we’re following to make socks. It’s hilarious. Anyway, look forward to seeing you over there.

I’m actually originally from the Toronto area. LOL and yes, it is a long way from home. Three days of driving or 3.5 hour flight. I try to avoid that length of travelling because itt’s very stressful on my son. We’re thinking of making a car trip to Saskatchewan in a few months and even that seems long. LOL

Welcome aboard and look forward to seeing you around.

I’ve already been puttin’ my two-cents worth in here and there so thought I’d come and say “HI” on this thread! :slight_smile:

This is a wonderful site. Thanks to Amy’s super-clear videos I was able to get up and running on my first DPN project (a pair of socks) several weeks ago. So far so good! :wink:

See ya’ll on the board!

Amy, I am so excited about the DVD. Do you think it will be available in the month of March? :lol:

What if anything are you adding to the DVD that is not on the CD?

Happy Knitting :slight_smile:

Hi Anne,
Thanks for your enthusiasm. The DVD will include instruction on the basics, and as many projects as I can fit. I’ve been so busy with the site, that I’m still just in the planning stages on the DVD! But I do plan on beginning shooting soon, hopefully next week.

My plan at the moment is demostrate making a sweater, a pair of mittens (maybe even gloves), and some felted slippers, which are knit exactly like socks (so that’s like two projects in one). The more I think about it, the more I want to include! I can only fit so much material on the DVD, though. …Anything you’d like to see included?

I may end up doing a beginner DVD, and an additional intermediate/advanced DVD, just so I can fit all the projects I want to fit!

I can’t really say yet when it will be ready. My original plan was for January, but I’ve been so busy with the site!

I’ve actually just hired a part time helper, so that will free me up a lot, to focus on the project. It is possible that it will be done in late March, but it could be another couple months, if I get ambitious with the projects!

I sure am looking forward to devoting more time to it soon! Thanks for your interest, and for your patience! I hope I won’t make you wait too long!


Thanks for replying Amy,

What would i like to see on the DVD?

  1. How to knit a different color yarn starting with a new row

I still have not started that Throw due to the fact i just don’t get how to Knit each row with a different color. :oops:

  1. A beginners DVD sounds GREAT!! Thats what i need :lol:

I hope people will add to this post as i am interested in what other’s would like to see

What a thrill for you that you had to hire an assistant to help you. See how this site has grown? If i were you my head would be held so high. GOOD FOR YOU!!

When the DVD is available I WILL PURCHASE IT. :smiley:

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I love this site! I think I am addicted! Amy, your videos are so clear and concise! I have sent your weblink to many of my knitting friends!

I used your video last night when I was picking up stitches for my sock I am knitting and it was totally enlightening! I am no longer intimidated about these types of things!

Thanks for your hard work and dedication! It’s awesome!


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Has anyone had to do a right or left cable decrease? I have looked in several of my knitting reference books and cannot find the stitch nor an illustration of it. Can someone from the knitting world help me? I need to finish my pullover before a the year is over. :?:

Thanks Anne and Itourish. Anne, have you checked out the Basic Techniques/ More page for changing color? Where are you stuck exactly?

Welcome msloloknitter3! What do you mean by a cable decrease? I’m not familiar with a decrease by this name. Can you be more specific? Try posting the question, with the specifics, in a new thread, to get more responses.