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Hi I am new to this community page. I have a pattern question. I am knitting Ankestrick Whippet (long) sweater. I have just completed the left wing. The pattern does not tell me to place my live stitches on hold and goes directly into pick up and knit the selvedge sts of the collar. Do I put the last row of the left wing I’ve just knitted on hold or do I continue with the yarn I’m working with? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Continue with the next instructions, the Joining row. You’ll work across the left wing placing the BBM and picking up sts from the side edge of the collar. Then you’ll work across the held sts of the right wing. To do this you’ll be following the direction of the long arrow on the left, the bottom and then the right side in the diagram.

Loving being part of this community. Thank you for your answer, sounds a good plan. I was reluctant to start if it was going to be a mess as it’s just a lovely design. I’ll let you know how things turn out!

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Hi, my name is Julie. It is years since I last knit anything so I class myself as a beginner. I am trying to keep occupied during lockdown so I am giving it another go. I am knitting a cardigan/jacket. I have done back and left front which is basically stocking stitch. I am now at the right front and this has a patter. This is a four row pattern, which have had no problem with. I am now at shape armhole. Pattern says next Row pattern to last 2 sts patt 2tog (armhole edge). Next row patt 2 tog, pattern to end. These 2 rows form armhole shaping. Now I have to work 3 rows dec 1 st at armhole edge in every row until 66 stitches remain (currently 69). This is where I am getting stuck. The next row is row 3 of the pattern (k3, *p1, k3, rep * to end). As I have already decreased 1 stitch from this edge already, do I knit 2 at the start and 5herefore adjust the next two rows in the same way. Sorry this is long winded and I explain my query ok. Thank you

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Yes, account for the decreased stitches as you knit the following rows. Instead of k3, the row will start with k2, eventually k1 and then you lose the p1. The important thing is to keep the pattern aligned with previous rows as much as possible.

Thank you v much.

Thank you for organising this! This is such a great resources and community. Beginner knitter here! So I have plenty of questions. So far, I’ve made a normal scarf and an infinity one and I’m looking forward to getting around to larger projects!

Hi everyone, I’m new to the site.

Hi - I’m Brenda, mom of 3, part time community college professor and fairly new knitter. I have 4 - 5 projects completed and starting to up my difficulty. Looking forward to learning here!

@Ineedknittinghelp, Teddys-Mum, and B-renda,
Welcome to Knitting Help!

Hello. I just started knitting a few weeks ago learning by myself. It is a lot of fun. I got stuff from the craft store Michaels.

hi, I am San2 I have just finished my first garment, a waistcoat, that I started during Lockdown. My last garment was finished at least 50 years ago and I am very rusty. I wish I had found this site sooner as I am very unhappy at the way I have sewn up my garment. I will look at the questions and answers to see if I can find a way to disguise my sewing up of front borders.p

Hello, such a ultimate forum for learning and share your experience.
Thank you

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Great post!

Hello! Name’s Camiyah and 22 yrs-old, but I’ll use TigerLuv on here. I am an extremely new knitter (started this past March when Covid-19 started), so finding a site like this is a beautiful thing! I am making a handicraft shop on Etsy where I will be selling my knitting creations, so any tips, tricks or helpful ideas are great to have! Thanks for taking the time to make this site. See ya soon!

My name’s Kien, I come from Ha Noi, I’m studying International Business at VNU and planning to take an IELTS exam next year. My hobbies are reading English books , playing video games and football, listening to US-UK music. My family has 4 members: My older brother who is studying in France, My parents and I. I admire my brother so much and want to study abroad like him after I graduated; as a result, I’m trying to study very hard and take every chance happens in my life!!!

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Hi Amy and all on the forum! I’m Alicia and, like many others, have picked up knitting during this time of being indoors. Luckily, my Mom has tons and tons of yarn, ugh! It’s been nice to connect with her in this way, I made a Caron Cake scarf the other day just to warm up (the Step Up Scarf/Shawl). I’m hoping to be able to learn a lot from others in this forum, and I definitely have questions! I live in Illiniois, and my Mom is 88, God bless her! I can knit fairly well, am familiar with the basics, and am wanting to explore patterns like cables etc. I actually have a scarf that I want to see if I can figure out what the pattern is! Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to learning a lot!
Kind regards,

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Hi im new here.

Hey passionate knitters!

I just like spending time talking about knitting when I’m not knitting lol. I look forward to seeing your creativity, too, and to sharing tips and hacks that make us all better at what we love to do. :slight_smile:

I’m so happy to be here.


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Welcome to all the new members: Kestrel81, San2, oramurphy, northpointevergeen, TigerLuv98, gotalottayarn, Amanda81, and dudeknitter.

Welcome to the knitting help forum.

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